With fall comes a natural return to routine and busy schedules. Without a plan in place and a fridge/freezer stocked easy-to-make essentials, we’d be tempted to order out every night. Thankfully, these seasonal favorites are easy, adaptable and can help to make dinner with whatever you have on hand. I love sharing here in case they inspire you too!

Grilled chicken (and something)

In our house lately a common refrain to the “what’s for dinner” question is this: chicken and something. Our schedules are packed and we are back in full swing with evening activities for all four of us. On most Sunday evenings I prepare several chicken breasts in our favorite marinade. They are ready to throw on the grill in a flash and pair with “something”. Dinner comes together faster than take out could arrive and we stay on track with our health goals around scratch cooking. Our two favorite “somethings” and our marinade are detailed below.

Hyatt Training Hyatt family eats healthy fall recipes chicken burrito bowls

Chicken burrito bowls (Lee’s original): This is so popular in our house because everyone gets to make their own and choose their favorite fillings, and everyone makes their own bowl. Selection varies by the day but includes: seasonal veggies cooked in cast iron on the grill, diced grilled chicken, black beans, fresh salsa, black olives, diced avocado, Trader Joes sweet hot jalapeños, over a bed of green lettuce or cauliflower rice.

Or, tacos! Same concept as the bowls above, just wrapped in a Siete almond flour shell or organic corn. What tacos lack in veggie load, they make up for in portion control. Two tacos is “just right” for us and we don’t over eat. Grilled chicken, ground turkey (with TJ chile lime seasoning blend) or fish, tacos come together in a flash every time. Paired with avocado, TJ sweet hot jalepenos, fresh organic salsa, they are a hit for everyone in our family.

Hyatt Training Hyatt family eats healthy fall recipes beet avocado sunflower seed salad

Beet, avocado and sunflower seed salad (recipe from Six Seasons: A New Way With Vegetables by Joshua McFadden): The one is so yummy! The recipe originally appears in the book, but I’ve provided a link to the ingredient list. Toss everything together with healthy drizzles of olive oil and red wine vinegar. I love making my beets in the instant pot – skins slip right off.

Favorite marinade: olive oil, salt, raspberry balsamic vinegar, Trader Joes BBQ Rub and seasoning with coffee & garlic.

Sheet pans for the win!

I tend to make double batches of these already easy sheet pan dinners simply so I can just re-heat it all the next night. Here are some of our perennial favs and finds.

More easy dinner favorites (leftovers a plus!)

Snacks, glorious snacks

Inspiration is key

With all the home cooking happening, inspiration is key! Here are a few of my favs to follow on Instagram: Half Baked Harvest, Minimalist Baker, Paleo Running Mama, Real Food Dietitians, Custom Fit San Fransisco

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