Personal training for seniors

It’s never too late to get started with strength training, and the benefits of proper coaching only get more important as we age. All of our personal trainers are adept at tailoring workouts for clients of any age and any ability level. We love helping our senior clients stay strong and thrive!

Benefits of strength training for seniors

  • Improved energy and strength for activities of daily living
  • Better balance and fall prevention
  • Improved biomarkers like glucose levels, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and resting heart rate
  • Sense of community by being around others with similar goals and interests
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We offer two types of training for seniors

Personal training

One-on-one custom coaching for your unique goals and abilities. Your trainer will work with you to design a program that addresses your specific needs.

Small group training

Coming soon! Join others for these workout sessions programmed specifically around the things seniors need most: balance, mobility, strength and cardiovascular function.

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