Lee Carson

I bridge the gap between traditional fitness and yoga. My one-on-one sessions are rooted in proper alignment, range of motion and injury prevention.

Hyatt Training Portland yoga instructor Lee Carson

Lee Carson

Owner and Yoga Instructor (she/her)

Personality: Nurturing, playful, determined and generous

Certifications: Registered Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance), Kids yoga teacher certification (Next Generation Yoga), CPR

Education: Bachelor of Arts (psychology and international business with a minor in French) from Washington University in St. Louis, Mo.

Proudest athletic achievements:

  • Finished Rock and Roll Arizona marathon in under 4 hours
  • Regained my strength and fitness after gaining and losing 50 pounds with both pregnancies

About me

After practicing yoga for two decades, I began teaching in 2008. I’ve taught at CorePower Yoga, Yoyoyogi and ClubSport Oregon. After years of teaching group yoga classes, I decided to do exclusively one-on-one sessions so I could have a bigger impact on my clients. I love what I do because I see people making improvements in their fitness, health and life every time I come to work. It’s a dream to be able to share my passion about how a healthy body impacts our mind and quality of life. I love it when I can help someone create and maintain a home yoga practice outside of our sessions. Yoga is a very holistic practice. The poses and breathing in and of themselves are beneficial. But I like to figure out what will most benefit each client and tailor their practice around those areas. For some, it’s being able to move their bodies fluidly from pose to pose. For others, it’s about stretching or building strength.

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Lee Carson


My background is in the vinyasa style of yoga. I create intuitive series of postures tailored to my clients’ strengths and weaknesses. While calming the central nervous system is an important part (and awesome byproduct) of a yoga practice, we’re also there to get some work done. My sessions are designed to help my clients reach their goals, address deficiencies and build on the things they do well.


Yoga (and good health in general) helps us to be the best version of ourselves. While most of us start a yoga practice from a very physical place (I need to stretch, my back hurts, etc.), we slowly realize that the emotional aspects of breath, body/self awareness and slowing down are just as important as the stretching that got us started in the first place. I believe it’s essential to retain our range of motion and flexibility as we age. The best way to do this is to maintain what we have rather than wait until we see it deteriorating. While it’s never too late to make improvements, there isn’t one of my clients who would say they wish they would have waited longer to start a regular practice. Most probably wish they’d started private yoga years before they did. Our bodies are incredibly efficient. If there are joints, muscles and functions that we don’t use, our body stops maintaining those areas, putting attention to what we do use. Yoga is a powerful way to keep our joints moving, our muscles at their proper length and fresh, oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood moving throughout our system. These aspects make yoga a tonic of youth.

Outside the gym

Jeremy and I have two kids, Max and Gigi, and a Jack Russell Terrier whose color spot matches Jeremy’s beard. I enjoy working in our garden and on the (seemingly never-ending) remodel of our home. I love doing art projects with and without the kids as well as cooking healthy meals for my discerning pint-sized critics. Sitting down with a friend for a strong cup of coffee, hoppy IPA or tasty glass of wine is always a treat!

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Lee Carson is not currently accepting new clients.