Sustainable gym in Portland

We’ve always said that the color green in our brand is no accident. We’re 100% committed to being a sustainable Portland gym, including making sustainability part of our core values. We’re proud to share our efforts to make green choices every day.

Hyatt Strength + Wellness in Fitzgibbons building

We chose to build our gym in the Fitzgibbons Glass Building, which is LEED Gold Certified. This allows us to efficiently heat and cool the space to comfortable workout temperatures. But it also means that as “The Fitz” was developed in 2005, renovations were done sustainably and 95% of waste was diverted from landfills.

We’re green everyday

  • We’re proud Green Source customers with Portland General Electric, which means 100 percent of our electricity at the studio is renewable and generated from wind, solar and geothermal power.
  • Our lockers were upcycled and painted Hyatt Strength + Wellness green.
  • You’ll find cloth hand towels in the locker rooms in place of paper. The paper products you do find are 100% recycled.
  • We’ve incorporated LED lighting throughout the space.
  • We kept intact and reused everything possible from the space in its previous form as an office.
  • Front desk and bathroom shelves are made of recycled lumber.
  • Our rubber flooring was made in McMinnville, Oregon by RB Rubber and contains up to 97% post-consumer recycled content. Each year RB Rubber converts roughly 5,000,000 used tires into flooring!
  • Our drinking fountain provides filtered water and a bottle fill station to avoid paper cups and the washing of cups.
  • The wood floor in the private studio upstairs are FloorScore certified, meaning they are low VOC and have passed rigorous testing to be a safe option for consumers interested in providing a healthy environment.
  • We put in a 100-gallon high-efficiency gas water heater. We want to heat our water quickly and use as little energy as possible, but most importantly we don’t want you to have a cold shower!
  • As always, we only use products that are healthy for our members and the planet. The truth is we use the same body wash, hand soap, dish soap and laundry detergent at our home that we choose to offer at the studio. If we won’t use it on our family, we won’t use it on you. That’s our promise. The coconut hand and body wash we use won the EPA’s Safer Choice award last year!
  • COVID-19 has raised awareness around indoor air quality. To ensure the safest, cleanest air possible inside our walls our HVAC system is configured with MERV13 filters. We’ve also added four top-rated HEPA type air purifiers throughout the studio as well.

At Hyatt Strength + Wellness you’ll find more than just a good sweat. Our core values guide each decision we make every day. While we’re passionate about what happens inside our studio walls, we care just as much about what happens in our Portland community and beyond. We’re committed to reducing, reusing and recycling everything we can and using products that are healthy for our members and the planet. To learn more about our personal trainers, or to set up a free consultation to see how they could help you, email us at