Online coaching

Get custom programming from a dedicated Hyatt Strength + Wellness personal trainer that you can do anywhere you like.

Hyatt Strength + Wellness online coaching via app

Online coaching could be a good fit if you’re:

  • Motivated but not seeing results. Feel like you’re putting in the work but not making progress? Let a coach tease out what’s most important and what you need to be doing to get back to making consistent gains.
  • Having a hard time fitting one more appointment into your schedule. Online coaching works around your schedule and resources. Body weight, we can do that. Full home gym, we can do that, too. Your dedicated coach can make the most of the time you do have.
  • Experienced but looking for a few new ideas. Working with a coach can breathe new life into a workout program.
  • Checking the cardio box regularly but know you need more strength work. All forms of exercise are great, but if you’re ignoring strength work you’re leaving a big box unchecked. Most people simply don’t know how or where to get started with strength training, and that’s where we shine.

Every online coaching program includes:

  • Warmups and corrective exercises to prepare you for quality movement.
  • Explosive work/plyometrics to make sure you are implementing power at all phases of your exercise life (scaled as needed to your ability) to build resilience and confidence.
  • Quality strength work based on proper mechanics, exercise prescription and loading principles. There will be no “going through the motions” or “circus tricks,” just good exercises, done right.
  • Mobility, stability and balance exercises. Rooted in proper function, pain reduction and safe movement patterns every workout plan has a combination focused on proper joint and muscle health.
  • A 30-minute phone or video consultation with your personal trainer every month.

Online coaching benefits

  • You’ll have a direct relationship with a professional personal trainer who will create the perfect road map for your strength and conditioning work and also discuss sleep, stress and nutrition.
  • You’ll experience improved efficiency (less time working out), improved metabolic function (lower disease risk) and increased muscle load (greater strength and bone density).
  • You’ll have access to Hyatt Strength + Wellness gym for open gym workouts during non-peak times.
  • You can participate in member privileges like special events and team workouts.
  • You can supplement your online coaching with personal training if/when needed (either online or in-person).
  • Your coaching program is conveniently delivered via the Hyatt Strength + Wellness app, including your workout calendar, check-ins, exercise videos and more.

Ready to get started?

Schedule a consultation with Jeremy Hyatt to find out if online coaching is right for you.