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We sweat the small stuff

It’s true that no detail is too small for us when it comes to member and trainer comfort at the studio. In our member survey last fall, one of the requests was for a more “full service” shower option that included shampoo and conditioner. We were happy to oblige, and hope you are enjoying the upgraded experience! […]

2020-01-24T10:19:42-07:00January 24, 2020|

2020 Speaker Series

Each winter at the studio we host educational events to complement our members’ custom strength and conditioning workouts. We’re excited about our 2020 line up! Additional details and sign up information is below. Our speaker series is always complimentary for Hyatt Training members. […]

2020-01-09T12:33:33-07:00January 9, 2020|

March 29 – Food as medicine

Just like the strength and conditioning plan with your trainer is customized to your specific needs, come and learn how nutrition can be tailored to your unique biochemistry. The session will be especially beneficial for members facing chronic disease, cancer or those who haven’t been able to reach their goals despite hours in the gym and careful attention to nutrition. […]

2020-01-08T14:12:52-07:00January 8, 2020|

March 1 – Running injury free

Are you a runner who’s experienced any kind of pain or injury? More than 75% of runners get injured every year. Whether you’re recovering from an old injury or looking to prevent a new one, understanding how to prepare your body for running is important for every runner. […]

2020-01-09T12:35:12-07:00January 8, 2020|

February 2 – Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating is an evidence-based, mind-body approach to health, designed to get us back to our roots. It’s a personal process, focused on listening to our bodies’ messages in order to meet our physical and psychological needs. […]

2020-01-09T12:34:49-07:00January 8, 2020|

#HOPX10 Hour of Power Challenge 2020

High intensity interval training is a great way to build lean muscle mass, drop fat weight and increase cardiovascular capacity. It’s also fantastic for trading limited workout time for maximum results and keeping the incidence of repetitive movement injuries low. […]

2019-12-09T15:13:39-07:00December 9, 2019|

7 tips for healthy eating

The holiday season is upon us, and however you feel about that, one thing is sure to ring true: the food will be delicious and plentiful! For those feeling a bit of food-induced anxiety at the thought of tackling the culinary onslaught, here are 7 tips to help you feel good about your food consumption throughout the merriment. […]

2019-12-09T11:33:46-07:00December 5, 2019|

Intuitive eating 101

Intuitive Eating. Many of us have heard of it, but what does it mean to put it into practice? […]

2019-12-05T07:59:11-07:00December 5, 2019|

December 15, 9 – 10:30 a.m.

We’re so excited for our second Work Out 💚 Give Back event scheduled for Sunday December 15, 2019 from 9 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. […]

2019-12-03T08:17:17-07:00December 3, 2019|

New equipment, fall 2019

We recently invested in the studio and brought in some new gear for our trainers and clients. It’s a nice mix of new toys and multiples of popular items. Check it out! […]

2019-12-03T07:28:05-07:00December 3, 2019|

Inaugural Work Out Give Back – Thank you!

We couldn’t be happier with how the inaugural Work Out 💚 Give Back event shaped up. Thank you to our community for their outpouring of support raising more than $1,000 for Children’s Cancer Association. […]

2019-11-25T19:47:58-07:00November 25, 2019|

Travel workouts for “the season”

The holiday season is nearly upon us and so is the influx of parties, busyness, and travel. Having less time to visit the gym doesn’t mean you have to skip your workouts! Modify your routine by implementing these easy to follow, on-the-go workouts. Use the free weight workout when you have access to a simple hotel gym with a few dumbells and some cardio equipment. Utilize the bodyweight workout anywhere from your living room to your hotel room, and anywhere in between! […]

2019-11-19T07:34:59-07:00November 16, 2019|

Meal prep tips from a personal chef

As a personal chef, I work every week to make whole food meals taste as delicious as possible. Beyond that, I’m always looking at ways to prioritize nutrient dense nutrition while streamlining the own process! Here are my top time-saving meal prep tips. […]

2019-11-13T09:37:28-07:00November 12, 2019|

On feet and gyms…

Going back to our member survey this summer we received comments both thanking us for allowing the barefoot workouts at the studio and asking us to stop them because, well, some people think that feet are gross. Know that this is something we have thought about and discussed from the inception of the studio and here’s where we stand. […]

2019-10-29T12:13:58-07:00October 29, 2019|

Work Out 💚 Give Back

We’re so excited to announce our inaugural Work Out 💚 Give Back event scheduled for Sunday November 24th, 2019 from 9 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. […]

2019-11-18T13:57:11-07:00October 25, 2019|