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Hyatt Training and Albertina Kerr update

Two years ago we launched our hallmark giving program with Albertina Kerr. For each new client to Hyatt Training, we donate to support yoga and recreation activities for Albertina Kerr’s Crisis Psychiatric program. We love being able to support yoga classes for kids staying at Kerr. […]

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Meal prep made easy(er)

It can be daunting to get organized with meal prep and planning. For all of us. Throw in additional family members and busy weeknights filled with activities, and it can be even more challenging to stay the course. Having support, a plan of action and a clear tie back to your goals and values can help to stay on track. The other night a friend (who is trained as a professional chef!) was telling me how she struggles to organize her family meals throughout the week, and she inspired me to share a few of my tips and tricks for keeping us on track with our goal of eating minimally processed, scratch-made meals (and not loose our minds). […]

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Low back pain workshop on February 10

Join us on Saturday, February 10th at Hyatt Training from 12:30 PM-2:00 PM for a live workshop hosted by Advance Sports and Spine Therapy’s low back pain experts Keaton Ray, PT and Jeff Cox, PT We will discuss the 3 most common causes of low back pain and how to fix them. […]

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December holiday hours

We encourage our clients and trainers to take time to enjoy friends and family during the holiday season. Here’s a complete list of modified studio hours this month. […]

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Hyatt family eats: Veggie chili for 20

My philosophy on veggie chili is go big or go home, both in flavor and in size. I’ve been making this recipe for years, and am always thankful for the extra leftovers when they are in the freezer. This hearty vegetarian version of classic chili packs in the flavor and veggies without guilt or grease. […]

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To Fitbit or not to Fitbit

I started last summer on a mission to really test out a Fitbit Alta. I was motivated by a few reasons, and the things I learned were both surprising and not surprising at the same time. As the research mounts about the importance of overall daily movement, many of us are looking to incorporating activity trackers. I hope the findings of my experiment can help to provide a little insight into this sector. […]

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Eggs: love ’em, leave ’em, eat ’em?

The other day a friend made a comment about eating three hard boiled eggs, but not every day. Based on what I know about her, my guess is she has the same question that many of us have: Can/Should I eat eggs (particularly the yokes) every day? Or are they too high in cholesterol and need to be limited? […]

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Hyatt family eats: Max’s cookies

When Max went to kindergarten, I needed to find something that I knew he would eat quickly and get calories and protein in during his short – 15 minute – lunch period. This recipe also doubles as a grab and go protein ball, but remember to keep in mind why they were designed, and think of string bean Max. […]

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Hyatt Training partners with Albertina Kerr

We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Albertina Kerr! Hyatt Training is providing funding to support yoga and recreational activities in Albertina Kerr’s Crisis Psychiatric Care Program. Fitness and movement are a hugely important resource and tool in managing overall health. Study after study supports movement’s role in improved mental health. […]

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Hyatt family eats: kale salad two ways

I am happy to report that our little garden is BURSTING with kale right now. Summer is salad weather, and to me the key is in the right preparation. When I find something I love, it’s easier to eat it a lot. I hope you enjoy our take on kale salad, two different ways. […]

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Hyatt family eats: healthy homemade pizza

Realistic and minimally processed are two of the main goals for our family’s meals. With a four- and six-year-old, pizza is a regular item on our menu. In fact, Max loves it so much he requests it for his school lunches. We make this healthy homemade pizza every Sunday. We eat it along side a big salad and rainbow colored fresh fruits and veggies. […]

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