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Progressive Overload: What, When, How

We’ve been working out at home for over two months now, finding space in the garage, living room, yard, or wherever the kids aren’t spread out. You may be surprised with how inventive and creative your workouts have become, and how versatile your trainer and random household items can be. But, if you feel your body has adapted to your current workout regimen and exercises, it’s time to focus on challenging yourself in new ways. It’s time to talk progressive overload! […]

2020-05-22T11:33:57-07:00May 22, 2020|

Member Advisory Team

As we move closer to reopening the studio, we wanted to share some of the things we have been doing to be prepared, in fact – over-prepared, for your safe and comfortable return to the studio. In addition to following all of the national, state and local guidelines we have formed a Member Advisory Team to help guide our decisions now and into the future. […]

2020-05-16T13:23:56-07:00May 15, 2020|

Hydration in practice

The importance of hydration is something I have always struggled with as a trainer, and it’s something that certainly not everyone agrees on 100%. I have, admittedly, been all over the board from drinking tons of water to not really worrying about it at all. It is something, however, that has seemed to make a dramatic impact on physical health for me over the past 6 months, so as we lean into the conversation of hydration this week I invite you to be open minded, to try some new strategies and to find out where your optimal level lies. […]

2020-05-16T13:27:37-07:00May 15, 2020|

Increase kiddo veggie intake

Getting kids to eat a variety of veggies can be a battle. Not only does research suggest that kids should be getting at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day, but that it’s important to have diversity to ensure that important micronutrients are being consumed. While most kids (like my own) will munch on carrots and bell peppers, they are a lot less likely to eat kale and squash. So, I created a daily kid-friendly smoothie to boost their intake without a fight. […]

2020-05-12T13:45:32-07:00May 12, 2020|

Meat vs. alternative burgers

Today, we live in a world with an abundance of choices when it comes to food. There is a large variety of meat alternatives and substitutes for those eating a strictly vegan diet or wanting to eat primarily plant-based, but it can be difficult to know if these alternatives are healthier than the meat options. […]

2020-05-13T12:30:03-07:00May 8, 2020|

Walk the walk

In normal life, one of my very favorite parts of each day is walking the kids to school. Both the time spent with them, grounding, preparing, anticipating. And also the walk home by myself, savoring “the space”. The unfilled space, where I think, create, process. Along the way we see neighbors and schoolmates. Are greeted by our crossing-guard-turned-friend. […]

2020-04-26T08:34:37-07:00April 22, 2020|

Ease stress with structure

Aside from awareness of micro-stressors and modifying them appropriately to account for our daily dose of inherent stress, one of the biggest stress management tools I’ve been using lately is to create as much structure for myself as possible. Here are some of the things that have been helpful for me in these weird days of COVID-19. […]

2020-04-22T11:48:46-07:00April 15, 2020|

Success story: Stacy Blanton

Stacy has never wavered in her commitment to her health journey. She shows up ready to work hard and is always up for a good challenge. She loves lifting heavy, and we love seeing her get stronger. Her dedication and attitude ensure she’s going to continue to meet her goals because of her fierce commitment to them! […]

2020-04-14T10:43:30-07:00April 14, 2020|

Meditation basics

TThough we all have a lot more time to ourselves recently, we may be feeling bogged down by the constant influx of news and social media updates. Taking just five minutes to sit quietly can relieve stress, help get more z’s, and reset your mind-body connection. […]

2020-04-02T10:23:15-07:00April 1, 2020|

Tips to make the most of your meals

The truth is, even in normal life, I think about our family’s meals and grocery lists all the time. Given my desire to go out into the world as little as possible right now while serving my family meals that are as nutrient dense as possible, I’ve put a lot of thought into what and how we’re eating. […]

2020-04-22T11:49:50-07:00March 31, 2020|

Hyatt Family Eats: Simple Chia Pudding

These days, in the heart of Stay Home Stay Safe I think we’re all finding comfort in the simple, little things. Here’s something that we’re loving nearly as much as our morning coffee! If you know us, you know that’s really saying something! […]

2020-04-22T11:49:58-07:00March 27, 2020|

Our favorite picks for your home equipment

Exercise equipment is one of those things we tend to accumulate and not use a lot (the Treadmill Coat Rack, for example). However, in times like these, the infamous Portland Snow Days, or times when you just can’t make it to the studio, having some basic equipment can be really helpful. We’re building a lot of bodyweight workouts into the app, and I’m writing a lot of bodyweight workouts for clients that don’t have home equipment, but we thought we’d shoot out a list of equipment we’d recommend you have … you know, just in case! […]

2020-04-22T11:50:06-07:00March 20, 2020|

COVID-19 precautions updated 3/16

We’ve currently suspended operations until 4/1. […]

2020-03-20T12:01:21-07:00March 12, 2020|

Run injury free video presentation + follow up

On March 1, Dr. Colleen McGinnis presented at Hyatt Training, sharing key information about how strength training can help us run injury free. Included in this post you’ll find a video presentation, slide copy and additional Hyatt Training resources for runners and walkers! […]

2020-04-07T12:36:10-07:00March 2, 2020|

Exercise and hormones

Let’s talk hormones. We all have them and we’re all influenced by them throughout our lives. For men, hormone levels stay fairly steady after adolescence. For women, hormones fluctuate cyclically, causing a constant shifting that affects everyone differently. If you add up all the menstrual cycles throughout the average woman’s life, it adds up to more than 9 years! That is a very long time for women who suffer premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and approximately 75 percent of women do! […]

2020-02-26T10:20:04-07:00February 26, 2020|