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Soup’s on! Healthy instant pot soup

Maybe it’s the early onset of cold weather here in PDX this year? Maybe it’s just me, but I’m craving soup. I stumbled upon this fabulous Instant Pot Tortilla Chicken Soup in my search for healthy Instant Pot soup recipes. […]

2019-10-17T13:27:16-07:00October 15, 2019|

DOMS: Why We Get Sore After a Workout and What We Can Do About It

We all know what it’s like to wake up sore the day after a workout, a strenuous hike, or a long bike ride. Many of us have heard that the pain comes from damaged muscles that will then rebuild and make us stronger. But is that true? Why do our muscles get sore after physical exertion, what causes it, and are there things we can do to avoid it or make it better? Read on to learn about the phenomenon of delayed-onset muscle soreness, more commonly referred to as DOMS. […]

2019-10-09T13:49:24-07:00October 9, 2019|

Welcome personal trainer Tessa Edwards

We are thrilled to welcome personal trainer Tessa Edwards to the Dream Team of personal trainers at the studio. […]

2019-10-02T20:55:17-07:00October 2, 2019|

Welcome personal trainer Brian O’Neill

We are thrilled to welcome personal trainer Brian O’Neill to the DreamTeam of personal trainers at the studio. […]

2019-10-02T20:55:29-07:00October 2, 2019|

Welcome personal trainer Colleen McGinnis

We are thrilled to welcome personal trainer Colleen McGinnis to the DreamTeam of professionals at the studio. […]

2019-10-03T13:43:12-07:00October 2, 2019|

Welcome personal trainer Julie Hamilton

We are thrilled to welcome personal trainer Julie Hamilton to the DreamTeam of personal trainers at the studio. […]

2019-10-02T20:55:52-07:00September 10, 2019|

Self care 101: foam rolling

Even if you’re never heard of self-myofascial release (SMR), it’s likely you’ve heard of some SMR techniques like foam rolling, trigger point release (like laying on lacrosse balls), and deep tissue massage using specialized sticks or other equipment. You may have tried it yourself or perhaps you’ve seen others doing it around the gym. But what is the purpose of SMR and how can it benefit you? This article offers an introduction to SMR with a focus on the specific SMR technique of foam rolling. […]

2019-09-10T06:25:58-07:00September 9, 2019|

#DreamTeam celebration 2019

We’re wild about the #DreamTeam of personal trainers at Hyatt Training! We’d put them up against any team of trainers anywhere and are so thankful that they’re part of Hyatt Training community and family. […]

2019-08-28T14:37:45-07:00August 28, 2019|

DEXA Scan will be at Hyatt Training on 9/17

Body composition is important for many reasons. Contrary to popular opinion, none of them having anything to do with how you look in a swimsuit! We’re excited to partner with DEXA PDX to offer Hyatt Training members an easy and accurate option to track and measure body fat percentage, muscle mass and visceral fat. […]

2019-08-13T18:25:08-07:00August 12, 2019|

5 Ways to Conquer Exercise Anxiety

The vast majority of people have a difficult time creating healthy habits and consistency around exercise. In fact, according to the CDC, nearly 80% of adults in the US don’t get the recommended amounts of exercise each week (1). That means most people are in the same boat, struggling to maintain a healthy rhythm of exercise, or even avoiding it all together. This universal struggle begs the question… […]

2019-07-31T10:42:09-07:00July 31, 2019|

Welcome personal trainer Elana Witt

We are thrilled to welcome personal trainer Elana Witt to the DreamTeam of personal trainers at the studio. […]

2019-07-30T09:32:32-07:00July 30, 2019|

Body Composition vs BMI

In a sea of fad diets and nutrition information-overload, it can be difficult—even downright frustrating—to sort out fact from fiction. We all know that nutrition is a key component to health and wellness, so how do we determine which nutrition approach or protocol is right for us? […]

2019-07-11T09:31:07-07:00July 11, 2019|

New partnership with The Fit Foods

We couldn’t be more excited to share the news of our new partnership with The Fit Foods! The Fit Foods is a healthy meal prep company who offers 50+ meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that are cooked & portioned with whole food ingredients. Their meals are prepared fresh daily, and are primarily gluten-free. […]

2019-06-26T11:14:28-07:00June 25, 2019|

Our favorite bodyweight, do-anywhere workout

Check out our favorite workout to do while traveling! A tabata is an interval set that is 4:00 minutes long, and includes :20 seconds of full effort followed by :10 seconds of rest (8 rounds total in the 4 minutes). […]

2019-06-25T15:34:51-07:00June 23, 2019|

Hip flexors: tight or weak?

Have you ever felt discomfort in your hip flexors but stretching doesn’t seem to help? It’s common to confuse weak hip flexors for tight hip flexors, however many people actually experience both. Sedentary lifestyles that include lots of sitting leave the hip flexors in a constant state of contraction, causing tightness. Also, due to a lack of exercise the hip flexor complex is weak in many cases. […]

2019-06-20T09:35:15-07:00June 20, 2019|