Strength training is the best way to improve your health

It can be hard to sort through the noise and confusion of the health, fitness and nutrition worlds. But one truth backed by research and supported by experts is that strength or resistance training is the best thing you can do to improve your overall health. […]

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Important elements of an exercise plan

While all exercise can be beneficial, there are components that are particularly important elements of an exercise plan, boosting the real impact on your overall health. Here’s a quick bullet point list on some things to consider when planning your weekly schedule. If you need more specifics, let’s talk! Our speciality is coming up with creative solutions to match your abilities, equipment and goals! […]

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What is cupping?

Cupping is an ancient therapy that has been used across many different cultures. It has gained a lot of popularity in the past decade due to high profile athletes showing their cupping marks on national television or social media. It can be used as a stand alone therapy or as part of a comprehensive acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, or massage treatment. […]

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Youth Summer Strength Training Specials

Stronger kids are healthier kids. Inspired by the great benefits kids can get out of professional strength and conditioning coaching and the importance of setting the right tone for our kids around exercise, we’re taking the opportunity to give back and offer a special pricing to kids ages 12 – 17 and under over the summer months. […]

2024-06-04T14:58:34-07:00June 2, 2024|

Why take an ice bath?

Ice cold baths are the hot new trend. You may have seen your favorite athletes and social media fitness influencers doing it – taking a dip in a bucket or pool filled with ice, wading through chunks of ice to take a brisk winter swim in the river. But why take an ice bath? What are the supposed benefits, and are they backed by science? […]

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Health benefits of the sauna

People have been enjoying bathing in heat for centuries. The Russians, Native Americans, and the Finnish, among many others, have been reaping the benefits of banya, sweat lodges, and saunas. But what are the health benefits to sauna use, and who should be using them? […]

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