How to increase scale weight and build muscle safely

One of the most effective ways to improve your health is to build lean muscle mass. However, it can be difficult to find reliable information on how to increase scale weight and build muscle safely from a nutrition standpoint. There’s plenty of easily accessible fat loss information, yet it can be hard to find info on how to healthfully and safely gain weight and build muscle. (that isn’t targeted towards young men exclusively). […]

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Does spot training work?

It is very common for personal trainers get asked questions about spot reducing fat in specific areas of the body. Equally common is targeting exercises to change the shape of specific body areas. The majority of research doesn’t support the myth of spot training. In order to get a real answer we can go into a detailed breakdown of why spot fat reduction doesn’t work. […]

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Grip Strength 101

Grip strength/endurance is an indicator of overall health and a predictor of life length and quality. Several studies have also linked grip strength with mortality, rehabilitation, cognition, and depression. So, if you increase your grip strength will you add years to your life? Not necessarily, but a stronger grip may help you perform the sort of daily activities that will. A weakened grip may be a warning sign of other issues. […]

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Why is VO2 Max Testing Important?

Here at Hyatt Strength + Wellness, we’ve always prioritized ways to optimize and measure your progress with intelligently designed programs as well as extra tools like the InBody scanner.  We’re adding a PNOE VO2 Max testing unit, we’re excited to bring another level of precision to measuring your cardiovascular health. The test includes both resting and max metabolic results plus a data sheet that your tester will interpret for you to help you understand how to best progress your cardiorespiratory fitness. […]

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April 21 Event Featuring Path Home

Work Out 💚 Give Back is always in season, and we’re going big this year! As a community, we’ve selected four local nonprofits doing essential work right here in Portland. Over the next 12 months, we’ll hold four group workout events that raise money for one of our selected nonprofits each time. […]

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Is rapid weight loss worth sacrificing your muscle?

Chances are you’ve heard buzz words like “Ozempic” and “semaglutide” more times than you can count this past year. These wildly popular weight loss drugs have helped people shed a lot of pounds. But not all that weight is fat. Rapid weight loss, like that experienced when taking Ozempic and other glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) agonist drugs, causes increased muscle loss alongside fat loss. […]

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Acupuncture for Muscle Tension and Maintenance

We often seek out therapies like acupuncture once we are experiencing an injury or pain, but many don’t realize that it can be an extremely useful tool to help maintain muscle balance and posture throughout the body. Both acupuncture and body work do an amazing job of addressing minor imbalances before they erupt into a more serious problem. This can include things like muscle tension throughout the neck and shoulders, limited range of motion through the hips, strength discrepancies side to side, and gait (walking) abnormalities. […]

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#HOPX10 Hour of Power Challenge 2024

The annual #HOPX10 Hour of Power challenge is a mainstay of the Hyatt Training community. Learn why! […]

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Why is rest important between strength sets?

A s trainers, our job is to build our clients well constructed pathways to reach their goals. In order to do this, we must consider many factors that make a good program, including exercise selection, sets, reps, intensity, load, and rest periods. […]

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Our favorite picks for your home equipment

Exercise equipment is one of those things we tend to accumulate and not use a lot (the Treadmill Coat Rack, for example). However, there are times when you just can’t make it to the studio so having some basic equipment can be really helpful. For most, if not all, of our clients we recommend 2-3 strength sessions per week. A lot of clients take care of all their strength training needs here, either in sessions with their trainer or a combo of 1:1 and open gym times. If that’s not the case for you, you might need to build out your home gym a little to supplement the hard work you’re putting in with your trainer and get the full benefits of custom designed strength training. […]

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Soccer Strength

Ask most parents their biggest concerns with youth sports and injury is near the top of every list. Add to that the studies that women are much more likely to suffer ACL injuries in high demand sports, like soccer, than men and all of us are right to be concerned about our girls getting hurt. […]

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Want Hyatt S + W Swag? Get the details here

We've partnered with our screen printer to bring you an online gear store so you can choose exactly which Hyatt Strength + Wellness apparel you'd like! T-shirts, vests, hats and two kinds of hoodies. Take a peek at the choices! Store closes 12/3, and orders will be ready for pick up at the studio the week of 12/19. Place your order here. Hyatt Strength + Wellness is a team of certified, enthusiastic and innovative personal trainers in Portland, Oregon. Get in touch with us by emailing Go@HyattTraining.com.

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Strength training is the best way to improve your health

It can be hard to sort through the noise and confusion of the health, fitness and nutrition worlds. But one truth backed by research and supported by experts is that strength or resistance training is the best thing you can do to improve your overall health. […]

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Community manifesto

One of our favorite parts of being small business owners is that Hyatt Strength + Wellness really is an extension of our lives, not just a job. Because it’s part of our DNA we get the chance to extend our personal values to our business. For us, this brings an intersection of heart, responsibility and compassion for those (that’s YOU) who fill our days. […]

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Thanksgiving youth coaching

Inspired by the great benefits kids can get out of professional strength and conditioning coaching and the extra downtime over Thanksgiving break we’re offering two small group coaching opportunities for youth ages 12 – 17. Whether your goal is sport-specific improvements such as increased speed and agility, staying active over the break or learning new strength training techniques, top pros Travis and KC have you covered in this one-of-a-kind session! […]

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