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Portland personal training jobs

Portland personal trainer jobs at Hyatt Training

Independent personal trainers

Work at Hyatt Training and join the most progressive and experienced personal training team in Portland, Oregon. As part of our team, we also invite you to help facilitate open gym times, get to know our studio members and create connections.

Who: Smart, motivated and charismatic personal trainers and fitness professionals interested in maximizing their income.
What: The opportunity to own your own business and be an independent personal trainer while working with your clients in a state-of-the-art personal training studio. Our personal trainers love being part of a community of like-minded professionals, but still owning their own business and setting their own schedules.
When: You set your schedule. That being said, afternoons, evenings and weekends are most open in the studio and the 3-7pm time slot is highly requested by clients.
Why: Run your own business. Work less. Earn more. Enough said.
Requirements: Applicants must hold a NSCA, ACSM, NASM or NPTI certification, have a four-year degree and three years experience in the field.

We match new client personal training requests with the best fit among our personal training team (skills and time slot). Our referrals come from a variety of sources. We have in-house massage, physical therapy and nutritional counseling. We also sponsor many local teams and athletic programs. As a collective we have more than 40 years of combined experience in Northwest Portland, Oregon, which also provides a large referral base.

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Portland massage therapist job

Massage therapists

Hyatt Training is looking to build its network of massage therapists to meet our members’ demand for quality, professional, on-site services. We provide an awesome room to work in (with music system) plus a built-in referral network from both personal trainers and physical therapists. If you’re interested in joining an incredible team of health and wellness professionals, submit your resume and let’s talk!

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Trainer education

Our personal trainer education program is designed to take your career to the next level. If you’re serious about advancing in the health and fitness industry, we can help make it happen. Jeremy Hyatt and Lee Carson, who have two decades of experience achieving success in the industry, will provide insights and new learning in both functional client work and business logistics. We share tips on working with clients, growing community and managing various aspects of your business. We can custom tailor our offerings to fit your specific career goals.

Personal trainer training program

One day: Observe client sessions and intakes at Hyatt Training.
One hour: Do personal training session with Jeremy Hyatt as both client and trainer. He trains you then you train him.
One hour: Discuss personal training session and receive feedback on session structure, cueing, progression, exercise selection, etc.
One hour: Learn about business development such as billing, marketing and lead generation.
Investment: $400 for 11 hours of personal trainer education tailored to your goals.

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Intern program

This personal training internship is created for individuals who are enrolled in Portland personal trainer education programs or who are in the process of being credentialed. Ideally, this person is a high-quality personal trainer who will be invited to participate in our mentor program.

Hours: Flexible
Tasks: Observation, facilitation of studio workouts, one-on-one sessions with clients following lead personal trainer’s plan, basic studio upkeep, research and writing blog posts.
Openings: Based on availability.
Compensation: Unpaid.
Culmination: Able to join Hyatt Training team, if invited, as part of the mentor program.

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