Portland personal training jobs

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer jobs

Personal trainers

Work at Hyatt Training and join the most progressive and experienced personal training team in Portland, Oregon. We offer a staff, career-track package with full benefits, top pay and support to build your career.

Who: Smart, motivated and charismatic personal trainers and fitness professionals.
What: The opportunity to work in our state-of-the-art personal training studio. Our personal trainers love being part of a community of like-minded professionals.
Why: We provide an environment where trainers thrive with education and support. Hyatt Training has a proven track record of building robust trainer schedules in a short period of time. Paired with strong, industry-expert leadership, we make it easy to have the career of your dreams.
Requirements: Applicants must hold a NSCA, ACSM, NASM or NPTI certification, have a four-year degree and three years experience in the field.

Intern program

Our intern program was created to provide the mentorship and experience needed to help a new trainer prepare for a life-long career in personal training. Our interns are generally degreed and certified but need experience to be their best. We provide both trainer education, shadow opportunities and tremendous support to develop all the skills necessary to excel in the business.

Hours: Flexible, 12-week program at 8 hours per week. Times and duration can vary.

Tasks: Observation, facilitation of studio workouts, one-on-one sessions with clients following lead personal trainer’s plan, basic studio upkeep, research and writing blog posts.
Openings: Based on availability.
Compensation: $18/hour
Culmination: Our intern program is designed to prepare you to step on the floor at Hyatt Training. While not everyone will do that, you’ll be ready to run your business anywhere upon completion!

Business consultation

If you’re serious about advancing in the health and fitness industry, we can help make it happen. Jeremy Hyatt and Lee Carson, who have two decades of experience achieving success in the industry, will provide insights and new learning in both functional client work and business logistics. We share tips on working with clients, growing community and managing various aspects of your business. We can custom tailor our offerings to fit your specific career goals. Investment: $250/hour.