I get this question a lot, “What are those letters behind your name?” We’ve gotten used to common language for docs, dentists, even massage therapists, but what does CSCS stand for?

CSCS means that I have achieved and maintain a license as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Having been in the industry since the mid-90’s I have held probably a dozen certifications for swim and spin instruction to triathlon coaching.

Ultimately I decided to let all those go and get certified through the most respected and most comprehensive program available in my field, and that’s where NSCA comes in. The gold standard in the health and fitness field, NSCA is an international organization providing education and resources for trainers and coaches of all kinds.

The CSCS certification process starts with a series of study programs. The exams made grad school look easy and tested me on everything from business practices to muscle biology. They were by far the most thorough and exhausting exams I have ever been through. But the written tests are just the start…

Where the CSCS really separates itself (and benefits you!) is the continuing education requirements and offerings. I get recertified every two years. As part of that process I maintain simple (but important) things like CPR certification. But I am also required to participate in 60 hours of coursework and practical applications each two-year period.

The hours of continuing education required challenges any professional field and ensures that I am continually on the cutting edge of programming, research and trends in the industry. To satisfy the requirements takes a considerable amount of time and money and often means I have to leave town for the weekend, take a day away from the studio or read, gulp, research journals but the results are worth it for everyone.

You have a trainer and coach who is constantly motivated and pushed by the best presenters and educators in the business and I have new ideas, language, research and tricks to implement back at the shop to help you reach all your goals.

So, those letters behind my name? They mean that nearly every week I am adding some time in my schedule to learn more about my craft in the hopes of being a better Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist for you!