Healthy spring meals are on my mind! Almost overnight, winter gave way to warmth and sunshine. Like every year, when it happens, it happens almost instantly. With the arrival of warmer weather, I’ve been reflecting on our meals, recipes and nutrition routines and settling into our favorite, healthy recipes for spring.

Our bodies evolved to follow the seasons. We naturally sleep more in the dark, winter months and move less. When the warm sunny months arrive, we are more active for more hours each day, motivated by the extra energy shared by the sun. So, too, our food follows an evolution and cycle throughout the year.

Asparagus season is a flash in the pan

The season is so short that we take advantage of seasonal, organic asparagus while we can. Here are two of our favorite asparagus recipes:

Hyatt Training healthy recipes for spring: Asparagus edamame salad

Asparagus edamame salad

This simple, easy salad of edamame, sliced radishes and blanched asparagus is easy and delightful.

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Healthy recipes for spring

Grilled asparagus

We love it tossed in olive oil and balsamic, sprinkle with salt and grill (or cook in a hot oven) for a few minutes.

Green salads are a daily staple

Twenty years ago, I took my first cooking class. Some of you may remember old Portland favorite Caprial Pence. One of my main takeaways from that class was this: Don’t buy your salad dressings at the store if you can help it. The reason being that they can be packed with extra ingredients and stabilizers that are simply unnecessary.

Hyatt Training easy salad dressing recipe

Easiest salad dressing recipe

This simple, one-bowl salad is my go-to for a fast, healthy, scratch-made salad dressing.

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Healthy recipes for spring: kale salad

Kale salads

While these two salads feature kale, you could easily substitute spinach or any hearty green.

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Hyatt Training healthy recipes for spring: lunch salads

Hearty, lunch-worthy salads

I love to eat salad for lunch because 1) I feel good and 2) I get veggies in for the day, even if dinner goes sideways.

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Other kinds of salads

We enjoy making bigger batches of non-green salads to enjoy for a couple days, pairing with an easy protein or eating on their own. These are a couple of our favorites:

Hyatt Training healthy recipes: sweet potato chipotle black bean salad

Shredded sweet potato chipotle black bean salad

It can easily be vegan and can also double as a main dish. I use it frequently for meat-free meals.

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Healthy recipes for spring

Quinoa salad

We love keeping a generous supply of this simple salad ready to eat in our refrigerator. It can be paired with nearly anything.

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Simple proteins

The grill is our favorite preparation for simple, easy protein sides with our spring and summer meals. We often marinade in olive oil, salt, and a rotating ingredient of choice depending on the kind of protein. Balsamic for chicken, lemon for salmon, etc.

Hyatt Training healthy recipes for spring

I love and use my battery operated instant meat thermometer to cook protein sufficiently, but not over cook it.

Hyatt Training healthy recipes for spring

Protein is a side, and a portion is the size of a deck of cards. We fill the bulk of our plates with veggies from the options above.


Last but not least, tacos are a spring and summer staple in our home.

Hyatt Training healthy recipes for spring: tacos

Tacos 5 ways – coming soon!

Fish, pork, veggie, chicken, the sky really is the limit for us. Check back soon or sign up below to get our family’s take on tacos it straight to your inbox.

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