If you don’t know where you want to go, how do you make a plan to get there?

Let’s talk destinations and roadmaps. Ideally you have goals (your objectives), and then you have a roadmap (strategies and tactics) to achieve those goals and arrive at your destination.

Maybe your goals are big and audacious. Maybe goals are maintaining what you’re already doing.

We’re here to support your goals related to health + wellness. But we’re also pretty certain that if you tackle goals in this area of your life, the results will carry out into your entire life. Both through the process of setting and measuring goals AND through the ripple effect good health has on all areas of personal growth.

We have a few key tools to help:

1) Our members use our goals check in form to communicate directly with their trainer on several key factors that contribute to overall health.

2) We can help you track new behaviors and calendar workouts right in the Hyatt Training app. Salad for lunch? More water? Intervals each week? We can support you and help hold you accountable to the defined behaviors that will help you reach your goals.

3) We have expertise in using data to shed insight and measure results. Oura ring, Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM), the new InBody 570, and annual blood work are all relatively affordable tools that can help guide you, help hold you accountable and ultimately measure your progress. We’re here to show you how.

“To prioritize the day, think about the decade. If I want to be on track to achieve X in 10 years, what do I need to do today?” – James Clear

Helping people reach their goals and live their healthiest lives is the reason we get up each day. Our weekly email is named The Roadmap for a reason. We believe it’s the everyday strategies and tactics that move the needle the most over time. We’re here to help – in fact – we’d LOVE to help you.

Getting started

Tactic #1: Let’s talk training and get you matched up with the best professional on our team for you.

Tactic #2: Define what you’d like to accomplish within a given timeframe.

Tactic #3: Create a plan with your trainer to reach your goals.

Questions? We’d love to connect!

In health,
Lee + Jeremy

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