Throughout 2016, Lee and I worked to fully define and create the values that will guide Hyatt Training both today and into the future. Part of putting these inherent values down on paper inspired us to create a meaningful and consistent program for philanthropy, which has always been an important component of our personal lives.

In June we launched our hallmark giving program with Albertina Kerr. For each new client to Hyatt Training, we donate $50 to support yoga and recreation for Albertina Kerr’s Crisis Psychiatric program. As of this writing, we’ve had 32 new clients and been able to donate $1,600 in just seven months.

What really matters to us is the impact. Lee was able to assist and volunteer her time to help Albertina Kerr to find the best possible yoga instructors for the program. Now, each week 20 children and young adults are able to do yoga in a therapeutic setting and take the skills they learn with them when they leave the program.

About Alberina Kerr

Since 1907, Albertina Kerr has strengthened Oregon families and communities. Today, they provide programs and services to children and adults with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges, empowering them to live richer lives. Learn more.

At Hyatt Training you’ll find more than just a good sweat. Our core values guide each decision we make every day. We’re passionate about what happens outside the walls of the studio in the community at large in Portland, Oregon. One of our core values is to connect with and do our part to keep Portland a vibrant place to live, work and be healthy. To learn more about what we’re all about or how we could help you, email us at