We’re inching ever closer to the one year mark. The anniversary of the day that everything changed for Hyatt Training. The day we closed our doors to keep our community safe, totally blind to the fact that it would nearly cost us our business.

As we reflect there is one thing that weighs the heaviest on us: The People. It’s always all about the people.

It shouldn’t be surprising, really. Four years ago an amazing village helped us to create the Hyatt Training we call home today.

And yet, the continued supportive way people have shown up for one another throughout this pandemic has been the greatest thing to witness.

We want to take this opportunity to offer our sincere thank you and gratitude to the village of incredible people who have been by our side throughout the last year.

Advisory Council When we began meeting we thought it was to talk about COVID operations and protocols. It turns out, you ended up helping us to re-shape the internal operations of our business into something sustainable for the future. You helped us look at hard truths and you were open and honest with us as we laid everything on the table. Thank you. We didn’t know anything about government relations or advocacy before this year and a special shout-out to Jill Daniels for her prowess and time crafting messages with us on this front. Thank you Jill.

The Dream Team The strength of character in the training team in place at the studio today cannot be overstated. They’ve stood by our side. They’ve trusted us to chart a new way forward with our employee model. And they’ve done it all with a smile on their face and not one complaint. They’ve done so as part of a team, knowing that we ARE all better together. Good people are hard to find and when you do, we believe you hold on tight. They are true heroes and we are humbled by their dedication.

Members Thank you most for understanding that without support of our members through the government closures, we simply wouldn’t make it to the other side. Thank you for supporting us and all the small businesses you want to be able to return to when COVID is in the rearview mirror. And thank you for the testimonials, referrals and reviews you’ve shared over the last year as we work diligently to rebuild our vibrant community.

Charlie Floberg You have single handedly allowed us to stay in the fight. Thank you for believing in us.

Business Oregon and the Governor’s office We’ve gotten to know each other well over the past year. Thank you for the time, attention, phone calls, directions and sympathetic ear to our challenges.

Oregon legislatures Prusak, Dexter, Dembrow, Steiner-Hayward and Congresswoman Bonamici Thank you for your leadership and all the work you do for Oregonians each day. Thank you for hearing us out and helping in any possible way as we struggled to share our message with Oregon decision makers.

Our friends and family Because our livelihood depended on it, we’ve played it safer than many with regards to COVID. Thank you for understanding why we were doing this and for loving us anyway.

Max and Gigi The countless hours of stressful, boring and sometimes scary conversations around our house are not lost on us. You two get the ultimate gold stars.

In The Rise by Sarah Lewis, she talks about how near misses are the most motivating. The athlete who missed gold by a fraction will be extra motivated to come back the next year. The inventors who were told they would amount to nothing by early teachers frame those quotes and use them as motivation. To be honest, we really thought in February 2020 that our life couldn’t get any better. Our family, our business, our members and our trainers all seemed to be on top of the world. It’s the memory and knowledge of what we had helped create that pushes us to rebuild stronger, and frankly, better than we’ve been.

Thank you, village. 💚

In health,
Lee and Jeremy

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