Portland personal trainer Sebastian SaurWe are thrilled to welcome Portland personal trainer Sebastian Saur to Hyatt Training.

Sebastain brings a detail oriented and thoughtful approach to personal training. His training style is rooted in providing exercises that enhance performance and daily functioning. He thrives when challenged and loves to find the best complement of work for each client and their goals.

Sebastain is earning his doctorate in Physical Therapy at Pacific University. He holds the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist credential from the National Association of Strength and Conditioning. He earned two Bachelor of Arts from Indiana University, one in Biology, one in Germanic studies.

“Hyatt Training is a facility that dedicates itself to the craft of human movement and fitness programming truly has its clients’ best interests in mind. As a student of physical therapy and CSCS, the profound impact of appropriate exercise application on a person’s well-being is outstanding to me. I am proud to join the Hyatt Training team and work along side educated and effective coaches. The opportunity to exchange knowledge with an outstanding cohort of personal trainers brings true results, health, and well-being to the Hyatt Training Community. I am honored to be part of that cohort.”

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Hyatt Training is a collective of certified, enthusiastic and innovative personal trainers in Portland, Oregon. To learn more about Sebastain or to set up a free consultation to see how he could help you, email us at Go@HyattTraining.com.