Portland personal trainer Sarah GriffinWe are excited to welcome Portland personal trainer Sarah Griffin to Hyatt Training. Sarah is a life-long athlete and the head women’s basketball coach at Sunset High School. She has dedicated her life to helping people be their best through health and fitness.

Already known and loved by the Hyatt Training community, Sarah worked as an intern at the studio for three months. She refined her personal training style through this mentorship, and learned to combine her well-honed coaching skills with customized exercises for her clients.

Sarah works with a wide range of clients, including kids, elite athletes, workout newbies and those recovering from surgery or injury. She can relate to where you are in your fitness journey because she’s experienced both ends of the spectrum from competitive athlete in excellent shape, to inactive and injured person suffering from chronic pain.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Communication from the University of Portland and is a certified personal trainer through the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) and is a Certified Functional Strength Coach.

“I am very grateful to be on the training team! I was initially intrigued and drawn to Hyatt Training’s philosophy. As I spent more time at the gym, I quickly fell in love with the positive and supportive family-like community. It is a place I genuinely look forward to being at everyday.”

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