Portland personal trainer Jason SimpsonWe are thrilled to welcome Portland personal trainer Jason Simpson to Hyatt Training.

Jason blends his extensive background in yoga, physical therapy, dance and strength work to create a unique style of personal training. His attention to detail and passion for doing things right come through in all his sessions. He lives in a way that re-defines the concept of hard work.

Jason holds a doctorate in Physical Therapy from Pacific University as well as the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist credential from the National Association of Strength and Conditioning. He is a registered yoga teacher (RYT) at the 200 hour level and he earned a bachelor of science from Portland State in Psychology.

“In today’s mass-market cookie-cutter health and fitness landscape it can be very challenging to locate a gym that does more than pay lip service to the idea of individually tailored training programs. After working with Jeremy and the entire crew at Hyatt Training this summer I was delighted to discover a gym that was putting the teeth back into the concept of custom designed and client-centered training. I’m very much looking forward to working alongside the talented and dedicated team at Hyatt Training.”

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Hyatt Training is a collective of certified, enthusiastic and innovative personal trainers in Portland, Oregon. To learn more about Jason or to set up a free consultation to see how he could help you, email us at Go@HyattTraining.com.