Hyatt Training personal trainer intern Elana WittWe are thrilled to welcome personal trainer Elana Witt to the DreamTeam of personal trainers at the studio.

Having been a client, intern and now personal trainer at Hyatt Training, Elana truly puts herself in her clients’ shoes. She creates a supportive and nurturing environment and believes that one of the greatest benefits of getting healthy in your body is growing to see yourself as a capable, valuable human in your mind.

Elana holds a BFA from in Photography from California State University and is a NASM certified personal trainer.

“I believe everyone possess the ability to get stronger and feel better, no matter where they’re starting from. When clients feel championed and understood, they are empowered to work hard to meet and exceed their goals. Hyatt Training provides a supportive and comfortable environment that equips clients to change and grow. I am honored to join a team of incredible fitness professionals in one of Portland’s most beautiful gyms.”

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Hyatt Training is a collective of certified, enthusiastic and innovative personal trainers and health professionals in Portland, Oregon. To learn more about Elana or to set up an appointment with her, email us at