We are thrilled to welcome personal trainer Amy Hall to the DreamTeam of personal trainers at the studio.

Amy joins Hyatt Training with 5 years of professional experience as a yoga teacher. She recently added an ACE certified personal trainer credential to her tool kit, and completed the Hyatt Training internship program to bolster real-life training experience. Amy's personality is infectious and we promise she will inspire you to work hard, reach your goals and show up for yourself!

Amy holds a Masters in accounting from the University of Oregon. After cutting her teeth in the corporate world, she knew, without a doubt, that she wanted to help people feel their best through exercise and movement. She is a graduate of the intensive Hyatt Training internship program for personal trainers.

“My passion is helping people create a joyful relationship with exercise and movement. I believe most of us are stronger and more capable athletes than we ever thought possible. My hope is that the strength built during our time in the gym extends out into all aspects of life, making us more energized and productive all day.”

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Hyatt Training is a team of certified, enthusiastic and innovative personal trainers and health professionals in Portland, Oregon. To learn more about Amy or to set up an appointment with her, email us at Go@HyattTraining.com.