The holiday season is nearly upon us and so is the influx of parties, busyness, and travel. Having less time to visit the gym doesn’t mean you have to skip your workouts! Modify your routine by implementing these easy to follow, on-the-go workouts. Use the free weight workout when you have access to a simple hotel gym with a few dumbells and some cardio equipment. Utilize the bodyweight workout anywhere from your living room to your hotel room, and anywhere in between!

Free weight workout

Start with a 3-5 minute warm up on a treadmill or elliptical if available.

2 sets:
Glute bridge, 15 reps
Thoracic rotations, 10p

3 sets, 60 sec rest between:
DB Reverse deadlift, 15 reps
DB goblet squat, 15 reps

3 sets, 60 sec rest between:
DB floor press, 12p
DB 3-point row, 12p

3 sets, 60 sec rest between:
Lateral lunge w/ reach, 10p
DB curl to press, 10 reps
Weighted dead bug, 10p

Body weight workout

Start with a 3-5 minute walk to warm up, as needed.

3 sets, minimal rest between sets:
SL glute bridge, 10p
Squats, 15 reps
Reverse lunge, 10p

3 sets, minimal rest between sets:
Push up (modify to incline as needed), 12 reps
Step up to balance (use a staircase, chair, bench, or other elevated surface), 15p
30-45 sec high plank (modify to low plank or knees as needed)


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