We’re wild about our clients, and we love being part of some of their biggest dreams and goals. For sure, passion is something that is in ample supply on our #DreamTeam of personal trainers. Just for fun, check out some of the things we’re loving right now, outside of our jobs! We started this tradition last year, check out what’s new!


Will Johnston

The Daily Stoic Journal by Ryan Holiday. 366 prompted journal entires based off Stoic philosophers, like Marcus Aurelius or Epictetus, designed to offer you an idea to meditate / reflect on in the morning and evenings of each day. Great for setting yourself up with a positive and mindful headspace for your day, as well as assessing on how the day went, and if anything changed as you mulled over the day’s thought.

Merrell Vapor Glove 3 I’m a big fan of minimal shoes, and the vapor glove 3 is close to perfect. 0 drop, super thin sole, wide toe box, great shoe for the gym.


Beth Hoeck

I LOVE to drink licorice root tea. Its naturally, sweet, warm and nutty flavor curbs my sugar cravings especially late at night. It’s a great daily tea. It also has a lot of health benefits when it comes to the gut and respiratory system.

I LOVE to fall to sleep to Brown Noise. Its like sleeping next to a waterfall! Check out this link for more info on white noise, pink noise and brown noise.


Amanda Meyer

Imperfect produce…we have just ordered our first box. I love the idea reducing food waste and being able to customize our delivery. Finding healthful, seasonal food is always a challenge for our family. Dishing up the dirt is my go-to blog and cookbook for food inspiration year round.


Jeremy Hyatt

1. Fit Kitchen Direct. Having a pretty busy life right now it’s great to have a convenient lunch option that is made the way I would cook (or better). Fit Kitchen adds variety (and nutrient diversity) to my diet, controls portion sizes and tastes great.
2. Sugarmegs.org – A lot of folks know this, but I’m a big hippie. Clocking in close to 80 Dead shows before Jerry died and countless more since with their various iterations. SugarMegs is a website with over 90,000 live concerts ranging from The Grateful Dead to Pearl Jam to Johnny Cash. I believe that good bands sound best live and this website has a lifetime of material to check out.


Lee Carson

Toy: My new 50 pound kettlebell. Indulgence: Fit Kitchen Direct. Book: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking. Workout: 30-minute go-to workout (courtesy of Amanda Meyer) = 1:00 hard row / 1:00 20 kettlebell swings x 15 rounds.

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