Do you remember “The Waiting Place” from Dr. Seuss favorite “Oh the Places You’ll Go”? As a community we are collectively…just…waiting.

I had the pleasure of catching up with one of our members this week. She shared her story of not needing to get out and do much, but she’d really like to be able to come back to Hyatt Training for inside workouts. We’d really like to be able to welcome you back too!

The decision on opening gyms remains firmly in the hands of the Governor and her medical advisors. We have weekly conversations with people in her office. We have a good understanding of the reasoning behind their decisions.

But we also strongly believe that the science Oregon is following most clearly points to opening different fitness activities differently. The risk level of a spin class is FAR different than a 50 minute 1:1 personal training session inside 900 square feet with air purifiers, masks, high ceilings and strict protocols in place.

Please know we are talking to all the right people. Regularly. We are advocating for personal training with respect and understanding of the challenges decision makers face. If you’re interested in learning more about the science Oregon is following or our interpretation of that science and the safety of personal training, take a read of the white paper we submitted to the Governor’s office earlier this month. (available on our bio link or

Meanwhile, it IS important to keep on keeping on, fitness-wise. To stick together. To make it through this. Exercise has profound impacts on our mood and we’re excited to share a new post on our blog sharing the science of exactly how exercise works its magic on our mood.

The best way forward is together. #WeGotThis

In health,
Lee and Jeremy

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