Congrats to everyone who undertook the #HOPx10 Hour of Power Challenge! Today marks the official end of the challenge, and I am so proud all the hard work going on in the studio during the last three months. As we wrap up another very successful #HOPx10 it’s fun to reflect a little on what the original intention of the #HOPx10 was and what is has become.

Originally, we wanted to support our community to get off to a good start in the New Year. We were already posting workouts each week, why not offer an incentive for coming in and doing them? The stickers were amazing, and far more motivating to our 50 year old professional clients than they are to my kiddos! Right out of the gate, we had people trying the “hard” workouts for the first time, and enjoying it.

That first year, people formed new habits and enjoyed the benefits of the Hour of Power to their exercise program: greater strength, weight loss, confidence and community. People felt stronger and loved being a part of the group. “Have you done it yet?” “Yes, it was awful!” “How long did it take you?”

This year, more than 50 people started the challenge, many of whom had never tried an Hour of Power. More than 35 will finish all 10 workouts on time! Others have requested an extension to finish up (remember when everyone in town was sick?) and many have formed new habits and will continue to do the Hour of Power long after the stickers go away. I love it when clients sit around after finishing and analyze the workouts as if wine tasting, complimenting it balance or critiquing it’s overpowering “lunge-ness”.

We believe in providing structure and education for our clients

Our passion is providing more than just a good sweat. As we expose people to new things, we love teaching that mixing things up can be the best thing for them. We believe that everyone who walks through our door is an athlete and can tackle more than they ever imagined. Our trainers and interns are on hand to make sure everyone gets the most out of each visit to Hyatt Training. With this support, our clients push themselves safely and successfully to new levels of fitness! I’m already looking forward to the #HOPx10 Challenge in 2017.

Hyatt Training is a collective of certified, enthusiastic and innovative personal trainers in Portland, Oregon. We’ll pair you with the right trainer so your workouts and training meet your needs. Extras like the #HOPx10 Hour of Power Challenge are included with the personal training sessions at our studio. To learn more about our personal trainers or to set up a free consultation to see how they could help you, email us at