I will work as hard for you as you work for me.

Hyatt Strength + Wellness Portland personal trainer Michelle


Personal Trainer (she/her)

Personality: Sincere, passionate, love to keep learning

Certifications: NASM

Education: Master’s degree in sustainable agriculture and nutrition from Tufts University

About me

My professional career has been vast and varied from working as a program officer at environmental and educational nonprofits to working as a personal trainer since 2018. I became a personal trainer because I love helping people feel comfortable, strong and healthy in their bodies, which is something that I have struggled with myself. I like my job because I know I’m making a direct and positive difference in my clients’ lives.

One of my favorite personal training stories involves an older client who had never been to the gym before and who suffered from crippling, low self esteem. We worked together to create a safe space for her and through our time together, she became confident and started going to the gym by herself in addition to our sessions together.

My ideal client is someone who’s new to the gym environment but who’s willing to learn, put in the effort and is patient with themselves.

As a trainer, I’m pretty low key; however, I become energized when working with my clients! I also make sure to really listen and take in what my clients say and adjust accordingly, instead of forging ahead with a pre-planned program.


Endurance and strength training, injury prevention, rehabilitation, weight loss, muscle gain, boot camps, sports-specific training and confidence building.


We are all on individual fitness journeys; however, my main goal is to help make that journey less terrifying and to provide a safe space. I had an extremely serious medical emergency a few years back. Dealing with all the emotions that the long road to recovery entailed equipped me to better understand the unique relationship (the strengths and the failures) we all have with our bodies. I like to think of personal training as mental health counseling; as such, it is so important to find a personal trainer who fits well with you.

Outside the gym

I live in Portland. My hobbies include rock climbing, running, lifting, hiking, watching TV and spending time with my dog, husband and friends.