Lee Carson

The work I do for Hyatt Strength + Wellness allows our team to be their best—for themselves and their clients. From HR to marketing, I provide support, structure and education to all levels of the business.

Photo of Lee Carson, co-owner of Hyatt Strength + Wellness

Lee Carson

Owner and Yoga Instructor (she/her)

Personality: Nurturing, playful, determined and generous

Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), Registered Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance), Kids yoga teacher certification (Next Generation Yoga)

Education: Bachelor of Arts (psychology and international business with a minor in French) from Washington University in St. Louis, Mo.

Proudest athletic achievements:

  • Finished Rock and Roll Arizona marathon in under 4 hours
  • Regained my strength and fitness after gaining and losing 50 pounds with both pregnancies

About me

I’ve been making people look good my whole career. The first phase of my professional life was in the nonprofit world where I ran huge budgets for organizations providing vital services to their community. The relationships I made with our donors in that role carries over to the work I’ve done in my second career as the backbone of Hyatt Training.

I love helping our trainers be their best and using my voice through the newsletter to educate and empower our membership. I love the opportunity each week to help make real, meaningful change for people who are ready for it and enjoy the feedback and conversations I get to have with our entire community.

As a mom, wife and business owner (times 2), I know firsthand the challenges of balancing personal health with outward responsibilities. But I truly believe two things: 1) that I am healthier and more fit today than I have ever been and 2) that the investment I make in myself pays off in the relationships I have through all my various roles.

Photo of Hyatt Training owner Lee Carson doing yoga

Outside the gym

Jeremy Hyatt and I have two kids (Max and Gigi) and two pups (Maple and Ginger). I enjoy working in our garden and on the (seemingly never-ending) remodel of our home. I love doing art projects with and without the kids as well as cooking healthy meals for my discerning family. I am active in both kids’ PTA committees and enjoy nothing more than a hearty adventure with my family somewhere in the mountains. In addition to being co-owner of Hyatt Training, I am co-owner of Florasophy, an organic soluble fiber company.

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Lee Carson is not currently accepting new clients.