When it comes to fitness, one of the most important things is consistency. If you aren’t looking forward to exercising, it can be a burden. It’s important to find a plan you’ll want to continue.

Hyatt Strength + Wellness personal trainer KC


Personal Trainer (she/her)

Personality: Friendly, loving, energetic

Certifications: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)

Education: Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Science with a minor in Business Administration and Japanese from Weber State University; Master of Science in Sports Conditioning and Performance from Southern Utah University (expected Dec. 2023)

About me

I have been working in coaching/training since 2017, originally coaching dancers for about 3 years in different capacities, including dance studios and a high school. Since then I have been working as a personal trainer at Weber State University’s campus recreation as well as at a private facility in Japan. I have also worked with Weber State University Athletics as a sports performance intern and at F45 Training as a group fitness coach.

As a fitness professional, I help clients and athletes become the best versions of themselves and accomplish their goals. I will do this by: 1) getting to know each person I work with personally, to understand what their goals are and how they are motivated, 2) creating a very thoughtful and individualized plan for them to reach those goals, and 3) and help them find success and enjoyment throughout the process.

The most common reason my clients work with me is because I know how to have fun.


Muscle gain, interval training, sport-specific training, ad confidence building.


I believe that living our best life is achieved through increasing our physical and mental toughness. There is the obvious physical aspect of fitness that entails pushing past physical limitations to live a healthier, safer and less injury-prone lifestyle. There is also the mental aspect of fitness that allows us to test our mental strength, push past barriers, learn to be disciplined and motivate ourselves. In turn, through exercise, our mental health is improved. Exercise is something that should be enjoyed, and I believe everyone has the capability of finding a lifelong hobby.

Outside the gym

I enjoy delicious food, good company, any kind of movement, and a good nap. When I have time off, I also love to travel to different places and learn about the history and culture there.