tabra bay

If there is a picture next to the word “dedication” in the dictionary, it is probably Tabra’s. An avid dancer, and Pilates instructor, Tabra stepped into the gym with a focus and drive to take her dance to the next level. Between her cross-training in the gym for strength and balance, working independently on her flexibility and technique and her commitment to bringing the best to her students as she learns more about her own dance, Tabra brings a positivity and drive that is has certainly been inspiring to watch and continues to grow with every session.

Name: Tabra Bay

Age: 28

Length of time with Hyatt Training and date when you started: nearly 3 years, I started working with Bevin in 2014.

Trainer: Bevin Victoria Solomon

Goals when she started: Recover from a dance injury and start going en pointe.

Goals today: Continuing to increase core strength, flexibility, and stability for maximum dance ability.

Biggest area of improvement: I had sustained two lumbar strains and injured my right Psoas leaving me completely in pain and unable to dance. After over a year and a half of training with Bevin, my injuries are practically a distant memory. My hips are finally evening out and my core is stronger than it ever has been, keeping my low back much more happy and pain free. My flexibility is increasing in a stable way, which makes dancing all the more enjoyable. With all these successes I was finally approved to go en pointe in September!

Favorite thing about Hyatt Training: The space is beautiful and cozy with lots of versatile equipment. As a dancer my form and alignment are very important to me, so having the option for tons of strengthening equipment downstairs and then wood floors and mirrors upstairs to work on my turns, lines, and flexibility practice make this gym the best for optimum training. I always leave this gym sweating joyfully!

Favorite thing about your personal trainer: Bevin comes from a dance and gymnastics background which makes me the luckiest lady around. She formulates each workout to not only help me recover, but to prevent future injuries and improve my overall performance. I’ve asked to work on contortion and gymnastic moves and have never gotten anything, but encouragement and safe effective workouts. She knows the body inside and out and how to make things happen. Her knowledge and personal experience makes her indispensable for any athlete.

Proudest achievement or biggest accomplishment since you began working with Hyatt Training: Going en pointe! As an adult with no previous pointe work experience, it was a requirement by my dance teachers to reach quite a few fitness goals. With Bevin’s brains I was able to reach it before the two year goal my ballet teacher had set! I now get to dance on my toes with the added assurance that Bevin can help me at any stage of success or discomfort.

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