Suzanne McKenzie

Name: Suzanne McKenzie

Length of time with Hyatt Training: Since April 2014

Age: 32

Goals when she started: An injury forced me to take an eight-month break from running. After many months of crutching around my neighborhood, I knew I was going to have to train smarter. I wanted my new training plan to be more balanced/organized and to include strength/cross training to help prevent future injuries.

Goals today: Increasing strength and mobility. Oh, and running more.

Biggest areas of improvement: My training is more complete and addresses all the different facets of being fit. I’m learning to focus more on my “career” as a runner, rather than just getting through to the next race. I love having a structured training plan that supports and improves my running instead of just hammering through miles.

Proudest achievement: Finishing my first half marathon!

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