We have loved watching Michael build confidence in the gym. He has gained an incredible amount of strength and has changed his body composition, but most importantly, he has changed his life. Seeing Michael continue to incorporate strength training and other forms of movement into his every day life has been amazing. We’re so inspired by his dedication! He is such a joy to work with.

Name: Michael Marlitt

Age: 60

Length of time with Hyatt Training and date when you started: 2 years! (May 2018)

What were your goals when you started? To finally “get in shape” and overcome my ongoing back pains. I have never been ‘toned’ or in decent shape in my life and I think I told Jeremy (and Erin) that my goal was to notice ‘fewer moving parts’ when I walked.

What are your goals today? Two immediate goals – to cut down or cut out late night snacks, and to add a third weekly workout to my routine.

What has been your biggest challenge? Starting an exercise regimen in the first place. I’ve never been a ‘gym guy’ and was intimidated by the prospect of trying. Becoming responsible to someone else – my trainer – made it much easier to begin and sustain the whole thing.

What have been your biggest areas of improvement? I no longer have the chronic sore back I suffered from for decades, my stamina has improved greatly and, for the first time in my memory, I actually feel positive about my body and about my physical fitness.

What is your favorite thing about Hyatt Training? The positive and friendly environment and people.

What is your favorite thing about your personal trainer? Erin has truly changed my life. Her great sense of humor, commitment to helping me meet my goals and ability to fine-tune my workouts and my technique has made coming to the gym something I look forward to and has been the difference maker in my success.

What is your proudest achievement or biggest accomplishment since you began working with Hyatt Training? My proudest achievement is simply that I’ve stuck to it. My biggest accomplishment has been chopping and stacking firewood all day and getting up the next morning ready to do it again rather than being in horrible pain.

What have you learned: 1. That I’m training for my own health and well being, not to compete with anyone else. 2. That the value of a professional trainer is immeasurable – I cannot imagine doing what I’m doing now without Erin’s work. I’m sure I would have quit early on, and I certainly would have injured myself multiple times without the little adjustments that have made all the difference between success and pain. 3. That I’m capable of a lot more than I ever gave myself credit for before coming to Hyatt Training.

What advice would you give to other people starting on their fitness journey? I love the saying that the last step in a journey – the goal – depends on the first step, but the first step depends just as much on the last. So my advice would be to be honest about your goals and then use that as motivation to take the first step by finding the trainer that is right for you and who will help you in that journey.

If you remember, do you mind sharing why you chose to start training at Hyatt Training? My wife, Jessica, had worked out at Hyatt Training for a couple of years with Trevor and spoke highly of the whole experience. I finally had reached the point of honestly admitting that I wasn’t happy being out of shape and couldn’t really justify all the excuses I carried with me. Finally in the Spring of 2018 I went onto the Hyatt Training website, clicked the “Get Started” button and a week or so later was in the gym.

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