Michael Etzel

13 months ago, Michael joined the Hyatt Training community with little exercise experience and a shoulder injury. Meeting with his trainer has helped him improve his shoulder and lower back health, exercise adherence, and overall wellness. His positivity has not only aided in the quality of his exercise, but it has allowed him to truly love the process.

Name: Michael Etzel

Age: 55

Length of time with Hyatt Training and date when you started: 1 year, I stared in April 2016

Goals when he started: I needed to recover from an injury suffered in a bicycle accident. When my shoulder stopped moving, I stopped moving. I needed to regain that motion in my shoulder and then achieve better overall fitness and weight loss.

Goals today: I want to go beyond my previous fitness levels. I want to continue to improve strength and flexibility in my core and legs that were exacerbated by the shoulder injury.

Biggest area of improvement: Overall strength and flexibility in my shoulder. My muscle tone is greatly improved. I feel like I still have lots to achieve but I’m very excited about the progress!

Favorite thing about Hyatt Training: I love the smaller scale and friendly vibe of the studio. It feels unpretentious and dedicated to people doing their work. That really encourages me, and makes me want to stick with my program!

Favorite thing about your personal trainer: Hayden has great positive energy and always explains the idea of the exercise and why it works for me. I really appreciate learning while I am exercising. I think it will set me up with tools for the future.

Proudest achievement since you began at Hyatt Training: I think that is still to come! The main thing for me is realizing that aging doesn’t have to mean moving less.

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