Dedication and the drive to learn and improve have led Max along an incredible health and fitness journey that is inspiring to witness. Max has not only succeeded in his own personal fitness goals, but continues to learn and refine his personal training skills to help and teach others. This is a guy who lives out his values and leads with integrity, and we are so grateful he’s here at Hyatt Training!

Name: Max Steele

Age: 34

Length of time with Hyatt Training and date when you started: I started with Hyatt Training in October of 2018.

What were your goals when you started? To get some mobility back, increase strength, and lose 40 pounds of body fat.

What are your goals today? Gain 20 pounds of lean mass (over years of hard work, obviously), and increase my deadlift/benchpress/squat numbers.

What has been your biggest challenge? Motivation and self-efficacy. I was a serial quitter and I needed someone to hold me accountable. A year later, I hate taking holidays off and I can’t imagine quitting.

What have been your biggest areas of improvement? I had limited lower back mobility and balance issues when I first started and I’ve seen huge improvements in my posture, mobility, and comfort. I feel like I’ve regained a lot of lost ability.

What is your favorite thing about Hyatt Training? I’ve never once thought “I’m not the kind of person who goes here.” It’s hard to describe how different a smaller training space is compared to a bigger gym. I’ve never felt embarrassed to be here, and that’s a first for me.

What is your favorite thing about your personal trainer? My trainer is great at finding the right balance of support and accountability. I know she’s cheering for me, but I also know she’s checking up and making sure I’m actually putting in the work. I don’t think I’ve managed to sneak anything by her yet.

What is your proudest achievement or biggest accomplishment since you began working with Hyatt Training? I left an unfulfilling and stressful career behind to pursue certification in nutrition coaching and personal training. I recently completed the internship program at Hyatt Training and am excited to join the team of trainers here. Follow the link for Max’s trainer profile!

What have you learned: So many things, but the biggest is just safe and effective movement under weight. I always skipped heavy stuff and was more of a cardio guy, but I actually prefer strength training now.

What advice would you give to other people starting on their fitness journey? I’ve tried starting on my own every few years, but in the end, I really needed someone else on that journey with me. I definitely think of doing it solo as “the hard way” now.

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