Hyatt Training success story Lisa Hill
When Lisa first started at the studio she was admittedly anxious. She didn’t have a ton of “exercise” experience but knew she wanted to be stronger for hiking and life in general. At first it was one training session a week and then she took part in the Hour of Power Challenge. The confidence (and fitness) she gained there has led her to become one of our most consistent clients, using the studio three days a week for training and our structured chalkboard workouts. Seeing the progression from dreading exercise to dreading NOT exercising is amazing and watching her become an inspiration to her community of friends and fellow hikers makes us so excited and proud of her!

Name: Lisa Hill

Age: 52

Length of time with Hyatt Training and date when you started: Almost a year! I started in August 2015.

Goals when she started: Upon the wise advice of my naturopath, I signed up with Hyatt Training to improve upper body strength as I age. I was already active hiking and cycling so my legs are strong, but my shoulders and arms are much weaker. I wanted to remain active for my life’s next chapter and avoid injuries. Strength training was the next step for my fitness goals.

Goals today: I am still working on attending training sessions consistently and try for 3 sessions a week at Hyatt. On the other days, I cross train by hiking or cycling. I have also started running short distances again. I committed to climbing and hiking so I want to continue improving my overall strength and cardio fitness.

Biggest area of improvement: I definitely push myself more at the studio with the Hour of Power workouts, and I find my fitness level improves with this commitment. I feel more confident to have the trainers and interns help me tackle unfamiliar equipment. I also feel stronger and healthier, and that carries forward into the rest of my daily habits for an overall healthier lifestyle.

Favorite thing about Hyatt Training: I love how intimate and friendly the studio is when I arrive for my training sessions. All the trainers, interns and other clients are friendly and encouraging and that gives me a feeling of belonging and support. I love the independent workout sessions posted on the chalkboard each week so I can arrange my own schedule. The interns are available for one-on-one help. My weekly personalized training session with Jeremy is the highlight of my week. I love how he builds from session to session and is always concerned with how my body is feeling and my overall health and stress levels. I always feel great when I leave and have given it 100 percent!

Proudest achievement or biggest accomplishment since you began working with Hyatt Training: I think for me it was the commitment to the Hour of Power series this winter. When I first started at Hyatt Training, the Hour of Power workouts on the board seemed intimidating and way beyond my comfort and fitness level. With everyone’s encouragement I have made it through all 10 sessions and I feel stronger and more empowered. It may take me a bit longer than an hour, but I am committed to the workouts and feel great when I complete each one. Even though the challenge finished, I wouldn’t miss my weekly Hour of Power workout.

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