Hyatt Training success story Leslie BrownName: Leslie Brown

Length of time with Hyatt Training: Since October 2012

Goals when she started: To complete my first Ironman, which I did! IM Couer D’Alene in 2014. I finished in just over 13 hours for 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run.

Goals today: I’m still deciding what will be next for me on the racing front. I want to continue to get faster
. And I’m working on some specific nutrition-related goals including finding a sustainable nutrition plan for both daily life and endurance athletics. I know the two have to work together for optimal performance both in sport and life.

Biggest areas of improvement: Overall I’m so much stronger now than I was when I started working with Jeremy. My posture is noticeably better, and my arms look much more toned than when I started. Most importantly, working out has really made a difference in my overall mental health and happiness.

Proudest achievement: My proudest achievement since working with Hyatt Training is definitely becoming Ironman Finisher. Becoming stronger physically, I’ve also become stronger emotionally. I’m more comfortable in my own skin. I’m more confident.

Favorite thing about Hyatt Training: I love that Jeremy is always mixing up my workouts to keep them interesting and balanced. I’m always learning something new, whether in a session or by attending the lecture series. The studio feels like a real community with everyone supporting each other, and the physical space itself is great with all the natural light and welcoming design.

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