hyatt training success story Julie Altstadt

Julie has been one of Jeremy’s most consistent clients over the past few years. She absolutely realizes the importance of activity in her life and makes a priority of not only her training sessions but the “homework” in between. In return, Julie has made great strides in her running – both pace and distance – and been able to continue a very active and healthy lifestyle through life’s curveballs along the way. We absolutely love having her and her perpetually positive energy here at the studio!

Name: Julie Altstadt

Age: 48

Length of time with Hyatt Training and date when you started: Four years, I started in September 2012.

Goals when she started: Improve my fitness.

Goals today: Improve my fitness, keep my neck healthy and be strong for my grand babies!

Biggest area of improvement: When I started running, I was prone to chronic tightness and pain, keeping me from adding distance and speed. Through consistent work on strength and flexibility and a sensible running schedule I have been able to add miles to my routine, regularly running half marathons, and have been able to quicken my pace as well. The structure on both strength training and run programming has helped me achieve goals and set new limits for myself.

Favorite thing about Hyatt Training: I love Jeremy’s workouts and the supportive community they have created at the studio.

Proudest achievement or biggest accomplishment since you began working with Hyatt Training: I’ve improved my fitness enough to do the Hour of Power workouts, and I’m able to continue to set new running goals and train for them without worrying about injuries.

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