Jude’s commitment to health and wellness goes far beyond the time he spends in the gym. Even through his busy work/travel schedule he always finds a way to make healthy food choices and stay active on the road. It is his consistent effort day in and day out that allows him to perform at a high level in the gym and on the tennis court. It is a pleasure having Jude as part of the Hyatt Training community!

Name: Jude Sturman

Age: 51

Length of time with Hyatt Training and date when you started: I started with Hyatt Training in October of 2018. So it’s been over 15 months training at the gym.

Trainer: Adam Gawlak

What were your goals when you started? I enjoy being active, so I’m trying to stay in shape to continue doing the things I love to do.

What are your goals today? After a 30 year absence, I’ve started playing tennis singles again. I hope to play USTA events in the near future. All the off the court work is a big part of my success on the court.

What has been your biggest challenge? It’s always difficult to manage past injuries. Working with Adam, he is an excellent listener and brings so much knowledge for health and fitness.

What have been your biggest areas of improvement? I have always enjoyed lifting weights, but adding more cardio thru the “Hour of Power” workouts has provided great variety and has kept workouts fun.

What is your favorite thing about Hyatt Training? Jeremy does the best job keeping machines working and the facility up to date. It’s sounds like a small thing but it makes a big difference.

What is your favorite thing about your personal trainer? Adam is always very positive. I don’t mean he is usually positive, I’m saying there has not been one single workout where he has not been engaged, prepared and a lot of fun to hang out with and get in a workout.

What is your proudest achievement or biggest accomplishment since you began working with Hyatt Training? I’ve noticed that I look and feel physically stronger.

What have you learned: I’ve learned that it is important to invest in your own health.

What advice would you give to other people starting on their fitness journey? The advice I would give is to take time to celebrate your achievements, and recognize that your health is a journey and not a destination.

If you remember, do you mind sharing why you chose to start training at Hyatt Training? I was new to the Portland area and wanted to find a good gym that offered personalized training. Hyatt Training was rated the best gym in Portland that year.

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