Joe Safirstein

Name: Joe Safirstein

Length of time with Hyatt Training: Since fall 2005

Age: 46

Goals when he started: I was recovering from micro-fracture surgery to treat arthritis in my ankle and I desperately needed to get in shape. Most notably my goal was weight loss and fitness. Initially our sessions consisted of weekly weigh-ins and tough talks about diet and lifestyle choices — a rather painful process!

Goals today: Maintaining my general health, wellness and physical fitness.

Biggest areas of improvement: I’ve undergone the equivalent of a major physical remodel. However, the biggest improvement for me is mental. I lived over 20 years feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, including significant body image issues and chronic pain from 50 pounds of excessive weight on an arthritic ankle. Today, I enjoy a physical confidence and an acceptance of my body that didn’t exist in my youth. Almost every bit of the chronic joint pain disappeared with the weight loss — what a difference that makes in life.

Favorite thing about Hyatt Training: Tough question! I suppose the best thing about Hyatt Training is, well… Jeremy Hyatt! Short of family, I’d say it’s not possible to feel more supported, motivated and encouraged by another person. A decade into the process, having regular sessions three-times-a-week, I’m constantly amazed that our routines are always changing and evolving. An excellent coach knows how to motivate his athlete. That’s a real talent of Jeremy’s.

Proudest achievement: My proudest achievement happened the day I walked into the gym and did a series of unassisted pull-ups. Perhaps he’d tell it differently, but as I recall, Jeremy stood behind me over the years with his hands on my butt lifting me as I unsuccessfully attempted even a single pull-up. One day, it just happened— I did several of them and it was an incredible feeling of accomplishment. More importantly, I see that Jeremy now advises his clients to use bands to assist with pull-ups. I can only assume there was tremendous shame and trauma associated with lifting me all those years!

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