Chie brings her A game and gives 100% to every session. She loves to work hard and is dedicated to achieving her fitness goals. When she is not crushing it in the gym she is getting after it on roads putting in miles running. It has been so fun to watch her progress week after week and hear that she is doing things that she has never done before.

Name: Chie Etzel

Age: 52

Length of time with Hyatt Training and date when you started: One year and 2 months, since July 2016

Goals when she started: To gain more flexibility, balance and strength. To lose some weight. To learn the latest workout techniques.

Goals today: To improve flexibility, balance and strength. To keep my weight. To run again with joy.

Biggest area of improvement: Alex’s workout is always a challenge to me, but it has helped me gain a lot of core strength and flexibility. When she teaches me yoga at the end of the session, I can hold some challenging poses better than I could before starting personal training.

Favorite thing about Hyatt Training: I love the friendly and cheerful atmosphere. The scheduling is flexible, which I like too.

Favorite thing about your personal trainer: Alex is a very knowledgeable and skilled personal trainer. She always answers all of my questions and shows me alternative ways of doing exercises if I have any problems. She cheers me up and helps me do my exercises with joy. She is wonderful!!

Proudest achievement or biggest accomplishment since you began working with Hyatt Training: I’ve learned the right type and amount of exercises that best fits my needs. The training helps me keep a healthy weight, avoid injuries and improve my balance. Even though I had been exercising on a regular basis in the past, I enjoy working out more than ever. I also want to try more yoga and challenge myself with some more long distance running. Thank you, Alex and Hyatt Training!!

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