Bob Finch has been a dedicated to his training sessions with personal trainer Beth Hoeck for the last three years. His hard work has yielded lost weight and inches while improving range of motion and total body strength. His positive attitude and determination has allowed him to accomplish his personal goals. He is a great photographer and avid dog walker and his gym time keeps him feeling good for these activities.

Name: Bob Finch

Age: 75

Length of time with Hyatt Training and date when you started: I started working with Beth in fall 2015, so three years now.

Trainer: Beth Hoeck

What were your goals when you started? My main goals were to strengthen my legs and arms and increase my endurance.

What are your goals today? I’d like to lose 10 to 15 lbs. and increase my balance.

What has been your biggest challenge? My biggest challenge is working with knee and reverse shoulder replacements. The shoulder replacement is a reverse shoulder replacement, which limits range of motion.

What have been your biggest areas of improvement? My leg strength has been my biggest improvement. My endurance is also coming along.

What is your favorite thing about Hyatt Training? I really enjoy the trainers, the owners and the clients I have met.

What is your favorite thing about your personal trainer? Beth understands the issues I have and the limitations due to replacements or injuries. She feels more like a special friend than a trainer.

What is your proudest achievement or biggest accomplishment since you began working with Hyatt Training: The improvement in my arm strength.

What have you learned: I’ve learned the importance of exercise and how to do so many different exercises and movements correctly.

What advice would you give to other people starting on their fitness journey? Working with a good trainer makes all the difference in what you can accomplish. And most importantly, you’re only as old as you think you are!

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