As a father, entrepreneur, and business owner, Aaron has still been able to prioritize his health and fitness to achieve remarkable results. He always shows up ready to work hard in the gym, while also keeping up with his running schedule. Aaron is a joy to coach because of his dedication to his health and his willingness to take on challenges.

Name: Aaron Kerr

Age: 51

Length of time with Hyatt Training and date when you started: Not sure, 2 years?

What were your goals when you started? To create and stick to a healthy exercise routine.

What are your goals today? Maintain that exercise routine and keep off the weight I lost.

What has been your biggest challenge? With my work I travel a lot and that has been hard. My eating habits and committing to running 12 miles a week and working out at Hyatt Training.

What have been your biggest areas of improvement? Lost 50 lbs from my all time heaviest.

What is your favorite thing about Hyatt Training? Super nice people, close to where I live, and a small intimate gym.

What is your favorite thing about your personal trainer? My trainer is so nice, smart and genuine. She pushes me but also cares about me.

What is your proudest achievement or biggest accomplishment since you began working with Hyatt Training? I got off my C-PAP, high blood pressure meds, and down to a weight I haven’t been since I don’t know when.

What have you learned: That for 51, I’m doing great!

What advice would you give to other people starting on their fitness journey? You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet. And that it is all about routine…showing up!

If you remember, do you mind sharing why you chose to start training at Hyatt Training? It was close to me, and I don’t like big gyms. I needed a place where I could go, feel comfortable and create a routine of exercise.

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