We recently made a decision to move the location of Hyatt Training. It’s a decision we didn’t take lightly nor make quickly. We spent close to a year talking, looking, evaluating before making a decision, and in the end Lee and I feel we couldn’t have done any better. Our new home is at the corner of NW 19th and Vaughn (2001 NW 19th Ave. Ste 102) in the Fitzgibbons Glass Building. The studio space is roughly 4500 square feet and gives Hyatt Training the possibility to expand in the future. Here are a few of the key elements of the new space that were are particularly excited about.

The Fitzgibbons Glass Building is Leed Gold certified. In our efforts to connect to our community and environment around us, we chose green products and services as much as possible. The Leed Gold certification is important to us because we feel it is 1) the right thing to do and 2) will help to efficiently heat and cool the space to comfortable exercise temps.

Not only is “The Fitz” Leed Certified, it is simply a beautiful space. Big views of the Fremont Bridge, tall ceilings, natural light and old timber beams make the space open, bright and pleasant. The building is also owned by a long time client which brings a sense of family and security with the space. We do not plan on ever moving again!

Keeping with the family theme, the owner’s son, who is also a client of ours, is doing the construction on our build out. Nearly every element of the design and build out is rooted in more than a decade of friendship which makes us feel especially good about the future.

The neighborhood, while so close to the current studio, offers even more parking for our clients as well. We gain access to two more guest spots (total of 6 spots available) and the surrounding street parking is generally one or two-hour limits so the turn over should be great. Our staff will have access to more all-day parking too making their lives just a little bit easier every morning!

We also get to design this space from the ground up. Over the past 5 years we have learned so much about what our customers want and all of that will be reflected in the new space. While the move is primarily to expand our space size, we’re also making two locker rooms (no more lines for the showers!), a reception area, a private break room for our team and other great amenities for members and staff. We can’t wait to share that vision with YOU.

Construction is currently underway and we will keep you posted with updates. In the meantime, feel free to ask questions or swing by the new space and peek in the window, it’s suite 102!

At Hyatt Training you’ll find more than just a good sweat. Our core values guide each decision we make every day. While we take what we do very seriously, we refuse to take ourselves too seriously. Having fun along the way is important to us, and so is an inspiring environment. We promise our clients they’ve never had so much fun working so hard in a beautiful, service-driven space! To learn more about our personal trainers, or to set up a free consultation to see how they could help you, email us at Go@HyattTraining.com.