The Oregon legislature is holding a special session on Monday, 12/21 to specifically discuss COVID relief and related topics in our local community. Last month we heard from our local legislators that your efforts brought the plight of Hyatt Training and similar small fitness businesses to the forefront. We need your help again.

While we have yet to receive a response from the Oregon Health Authority or Governor’s office, all of our legislators have responded and pledged support to Hyatt Training. BEFORE Monday, we need your help to contact Senator Steiner Hayward and Rep Maxine Dexter. Congresswoman Bonamici is national so is not involved in this particular special session. However, it is important that she hear about local issues to advocate for federal action.

Steps to advocate

1) Contact Governor Kate Brown via:
Raihana Ansary, Metro Region Coordinator​
*Note: Raihana isn’t a legislator, but you can use all the other language and talking points provided below.*

2) Contact the state legislators who represent the studio.

Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward
Phone: 503-986-1717

Representative Maxine Dexter
Phone: 503-986-1433

Suzanne Bonamici (Federal)
Phone: 503-469-6010
The studio zip + 4 is 97209-2450 (you’ll need this to get through)

Our request is two-fold:
1) Relief funding for small fitness businesses mandated to close on 11/18.
2) Use real data and science about COVID transmission in ‘gym’ type settings and allow us to re-open inside operations on January 1.

Optional messaging for your use:

I am a member of Hyatt Training in NW Portland and purchase private personal training services. I seek your help during the special legislative session on Monday 12/21. Thank you for attending this in person session despite the risks of COVID-19 – I appreciate your dedication and service to serve our community.

1) Small fitness studios mandated to close on 11/18 and subsequently operate outside need financial relief. While the LC Restaurant Support Package is up for discussion (and well publicized), it’s important that we don’t leave out other impacted businesses. In fact, as Representative Keny-Guyer states of that package: “The restaurant industry is seeing revenue losses between 40-70% due to temporary closures, reduced indoor seating, and increased staffing and payroll costs to maintain COVID-19 protocols. Outdoor seating is difficult to maintain during Oregon’s wet and cold winter season.” Small fitness studios like Hyatt Training face the EXACT SAME CHALLENGES from decreased inside capacity to increased operation costs and the difficulty of operating outside. Thank you for your support of this small, family-owned business that is an important part of our community (and my life!). While my allegiance is to Hyatt Training I know there are many other small fitness based businesses facing similar financial burden.

2) New data and science were released just last week out of New York and Oregon illustrating the lack of COVID transmission inside gym type environments. It’s critical that here in Oregon decision makers look to real data and science to back up the devastating business closures and unsustainable restrictions for operating outside.

Here’s a link to the contract tracing data released from Governor Cuomo in New York. Based on this data he re-opened gyms effective 12/14 with limited capacity and strict COVID protocols in place.

And here’s a link out of the U of O consulting group demonstrating that health clubs do not pose the same risk as venues like bars and restaurants. An analysis of Colorado data shows no statistically significant link between fitness club attendance and COVID-19 cases.

No data has been brought forth by Oregon officials pointing to the reasoning for closing gyms or pointing to increased infections because of gym attendance prior to closure on 11/18. I ask for your help to advocate for opening personal training studios, with limited capacity and strict COVID protocols effective January 1, 2021.

Regardless of your decision or the outcome of Monday’s session, thank you for your leadership and dedication to reducing the spread of this deadly virus. I appreciate your consideration for services and businesses that are an important part of the fabric of our community, and in this case, contribute to our health!

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