Maybe it’s the early onset of cold weather here in PDX this year? Maybe it’s just me, but I’m craving soup. I stumbled upon this fabulous Instant Pot Tortilla Chicken Soup in my search for healthy Instant Pot soup recipes.

The Instant Pot

My true confession is I hate excess small appliances. I drug my feet on committing to an instant pot, but when my 15 year old slow cooker started showing frayed wires, I took the plunge. And I’m so glad I did. I turns out when everyone you know raves about something, it REALLY is that great. I’m just getting my feet wet with it, but so far it is a new staple in my kitchen.

Versatile tortilla soup

As I was searching for new healthy recipes to try in said Instant Pot, I can across this Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe. For something so easy, I honestly didn’t expect much. So I was pleasantly surprised when it was easy, healthy and delicious (delicious enough to share here! And that says something…). I love that it could be adapted to be vegetarian or vegan, and could be modified based on your preferences. My preference the next time I make it will be a little less corn.

Perhaps my favorite part of discovering this recipe is also the tip to make shredded chicken in my Kitchen Aid mixer with the paddle attachment. Cooked chicken -> 30 seconds in mixer -> perfect shredded chicken.

But wait, there’s more

I’ll dive into the same author’s 29 Healthy Instant Pot Recipes next, and I’m anxiously awaiting the new Half Baked Harvest Super Simple book due out from Tieghan Gerard later this month which promises more Instant Pot awesomeness. And just because it was delish, here’s the very first recipe I used my Instant Pot to make shredded chicken for: thai peanut chicken ramen noodle salad by Half Baked Harvest.

Chicken verde tacos

As I type, I’m using the slow cooker setting on our Instant Pot to make my super easy Pollo Verde tacos. Here goes:

  • As many boneless, skinless chicken thighs as you’d like or will fit.
  • 2 cans fire roasted green chilis
  • 2 whole garlic cloves
  • Generously salt the thighs with sea salt
  • Add in any spicy things you’d like, I skip that for the kiddos
  • Turn on low for 10 hours and go to work!
  • Shred chicken in the mixer as needed
  • Add shell and taco toppings of choice

Happy cooking!

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