The Governor has authorized the use of showers inside gyms. Ours will be re-opening, effective Monday 10/5, along with the roll out of an updated schedule at the studio.

The new schedule will run all sessions on the top of the hour and allow for a 10 minute cleaning / member transition break. Do you have your new, updated session time situated with your trainer? If we can help, let us know!

This new schedule allows us ample time to clean each station after use and opens up 3 additional hour blocks throughout the day to meet demand for training times.

We will also be opening one shower in each locker room at a time for those that need to transition to work / life from here. Two people maximum in the locker rooms at a time, 1 shower maximum at a time… Progress!

We have done an amazing amount of work, and continue to do so every day, to create a space that is safe and welcoming. If you’re a member who hasn’t returned to in-person studio sessions, we encourage you to come in for a quick safety tour to check it out for yourself. Here’s a link to our COVID Safety Protocols.

While we are looking to rebuild the number of clients at Hyatt Training to ensure our long term viability as a business, our first priority is to get our community that existed on March 1 back into the studio and training!

Numerous studies by the health and fitness industry point to the lack of COVID transmission at gyms. Here’s one from NPR and one from IHRSA (International Health Racquet and Sports Association).

Note that nearly none of the facilities included in any study we’ve seen have the same reserved, dedicated, fully sanitized workout areas that we are providing.

As we take one little step towards normalcy, a few quick reminders on areas we need to remain vigilant to keep our community safe and feeling comfortable in the studio:

  • All guests must submit a Health Declaration every day PRIOR to arrival at the studio.
  • Upon entering the studio, everyone should proceed immediately to the locker room to wash hands.
  • Masks indoors at all times.
  • All equipment used should be wiped down with Clear Gear before returning.
  • With shorter transitions, we will use the back door (19th St.) as the only exit door from sessions.

Thank you for being part of the Hyatt Training family and for all your support.

In health,
Lee and Jeremy

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