New at the studio! We’re excited to welcome Limitless Self Defense and Debra Criss to Hyatt Training. Debra offers self defense classes at the studio on Sundays mornings and Monday evenings.

You’re worth defending

Limitless Self Defense is designed to give students a foundation in essential self-defense skills. Students will learn physical skills to fend off attacks, boundary setting and intuitive skills, and when to know that they must defend themselves.

Most importantly, students in this program will learn that they themselves are worth fighting for. A high value is placed upon reminding and reiterating to each student, every step of the way, that they are capable and worthy, with no regard to external environment, opinions, or influence.

Self defense is more than the external fight, our most important fight will be within ourselves. This is the ultimate defense of self.

Meet Debra

Debra Criss has been training in martial arts and self defense for over 6 years. She practices Krav Maga (currently holding a green belt), has coached Krav Maga women’s self defense programs, is a certified women’s self defense instructor for the Portland Police Bureau’s WomenStrength program, and has trained in the IMPACT method as well. We all deserve to walk out of our door feeling confident, and free of undue fear. Debra found her own personal worth and love for life through learning to defend herself, and finds joy and meaning in passing this on to others.

Class Descriptions

Basic Self Defense
Women only, ages 18+
Classes involve a mix of partner work, team work, scenario drills and significant physical movement. All fitness levels are welcome. This can be an emotional class, but know that you will be supported!

Striking & Conditioning
Ages 18+
This class will involve physical conditioning with striking practice. Stairs, medicine balls, pads, gloves, sweat, tears. This is a hell of a work out, with a focus on honing self defense based strikes, partner work and group support.

Class Details

When: Self Defense Basics, Sundays at 10 a.m.
Striking and Conditioning, Mondays at 7:30 p.m.
Where: Hyatt Training
Cost: $20/class, 5 classes/$90, 10 classes/$150
Sign up: Register for an upcoming class

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