It’s hard to believe, but Hyatt Training is celebrating its second anniversary in Raleigh Square. September is often a time of reflection and renewal in the Hyatt world. Both my kids and I have birthdays this month, and Max started kindergarten. It’s been a great year, and Lee and I are so thankful to share your health and wellness journey.

We got motivated

2015 started out with a bang. We loved seeing your enthusiasm for the Hour of Power challenge (#HOPx10) and lecture series. You can count on both the #HOPx10 challenge and our lecture series to return in 2016. If you have ideas about topics you’d like us to cover in the lecture series, please let us know. We hope you will join us for both as we work to stay motivated during the dark Oregon winters.

We got equipped

Maintaining the best possible equipment is a top priority for us. We love investing in things that keep our clients and trainers learning and moving in new ways. We make purchases in both the winter and summer seasons. In August, we were able to add a bonus feature that completely changed the dynamic of the studio!

We got social

One of my favorite parts of our community is that we’re able to expand beyond the studio walls. Through social media we get to hear about your adventures. We also love sharing things like your success stories, Tyler’s favorite hikes, Hyatt family recipes and cool athletic moments. If you haven’t already, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and we’ll follow you back!

We got bigger

Our primary goal is to be the best possible place in Portland to do personal training. Because Lee and I can only see so many clients, we’re very excited about our growing team of personal trainers . We hand select and carefully vet each one through an extensive interview process. Each trainer who joins our team is someone we’re comfortable sharing any referral with, and someone who rises to the top of the personal trainers in Portland. We can’t wait for you to get to know Tyler, Bevin, Erin and Natalie.

We still care

While there are always smiles and jokes at the studio, we take your feedback and your fitness very seriously and want to make your experience at Hyatt Training the best it can be from the moment you arrive everyday. If there are ways we can improve your experience please reach out and let us know. With our great team in place, we can now expand the number of people we work with at Hyatt Training. Your referrals are the biggest thanks you can ever give us, so don’t hesitate to suggest a free consultation or bring along a friend for a workout. Your referrals help us get stronger.

Thank you for the opportunity to join you on this journey of a happy and healthy life! We couldn’t have come this far without you.