Hyatt Training provides top notch personal training. But we don’t believe personal training starts and stops on the studio floor. Exercise is a critical piece of health, but deep-health also includes many other facets of lifestyle and wellness, including nutrition. Our science-based nutrition philosophy aims to keep nutrition simple, sustainable, and approachable.

Hyatt Training is now offering nutrition coaching

A holistic approach to health must include solid, science-based nutrition. It’s a topic many of our trainers already cover with clients, usually in bits and pieces between sets on the studio floor.

In an effort to carve out specific time to support the nutrition and health of our members, we’re excited to now offer customized nutrition coaching as an add-on for training clients, or as a standalone service for those seeking professional nutrition support.

Several of our #DreamTeam personal trainers hold a level 1 certification from Precision Nutrition, known throughout the industry as the gold standard in fitness nutrition coaching. Their science-backed, behavioral modification approach will help you set realistic goals while providing accountability in reaching them.

Ready to get started? Tell us more so we can place you with the best-fit nutrition coach on our team!

Nutrition doesn’t have to be hard

We all know nutrition is important, whether or not we choose to pay attention to it.

But why can nutrition feel so unapproachable? Like there’s a mysterious magic formula we’ve yet to discover to make it all come together? If it’s so important, why is it such a struggle?

Well, nutrition can be complicated.

It wraps in many layers of our humanness and inner-selves. Our habits, our self-care, our emotions, our coping mechanisms…just to name a few. Those aren’t light, easy things to tackle.

Add to that a universe full of money-mongering marketers looking to sell you bogus products and messaging…and ick, no wonder so many of us don’t want to think about our nutrition.

But we believe good nutrition doesn’t have to–and shouldn’t–overwhelm.

Start with small changes (sometimes itty-bitty ones), practice them consistently, and you will be well on your way to developing sustainable habits when it comes to your nutrition. Build on those small actions over a long period of time, and you’ll find you’ve created an avalanche of change out of that first tiny snowflake.

Our basic nutrition philosophy:

Keep it simple. Keep it sustainable. Base it in science.

Pair that with some guidance from an educated, encouraging coach, and you can make strides in your health that will stick around for the long term.

Achieving better nutrition doesn’t mean making an overnight life-overhaul. It doesn’t mean implementing an unsustainable set of rules or unrealistically restricting food. The path to real change and growth means starting from wherever you’re at and putting one foot in front of the other. Slow and steady.

It means finding healthy ways to approach food that work for your body and your life.

Find what works for you

The most important aspect of good nutrition is finding what works for you. This is the principle that allows for long-term consistency.

Nutrition is highly individualized and the requirements for each of us are varied based on many factors. The good news is that most of us can (and should) start simple, with those small changes, without getting in the weeds of the nitty-gritty details. That can always come later, if and when those nitty gritty details help us toward our goals.

Even those of us with limitations like medical factors, allergies, intolerances, or lifestyle restrictions can start with simple!

The bottom line

If your goal is to better your nutrition, for any reason, Hyatt Training is ready with a stellar team to support you.

We’re going to help you to dig into what makes you tick, challenge your all-or-nothing thinking, and remind you that you can do hard things, as long you take it in manageable chunks.

We want you to gain the tools to enjoy a lifetime of simple, science-based nutrition that supports your mind and body. So reach out! And let us know how we can help.

Wondering about pricing? We’ve got options for every budget.Nutrition coaching investment levels

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