Education – for ourselves, our clients and fellow personal trainers – is one of our core values. Hyatt Training is thrilled to host the RunLab Clinical Gait Specialist training coming to Portland this August!


Ever wondered why your client “looks funny” when they are warming up on the treadmill? What about the client who just can’t get any faster, or the one who is chronically injured? Hint: it’s not about the shoes.

Learn how gait evaluation on both running and non-running clients can become the strongest tool in your wheelhouse for helping your clients get faster, prevent injury, and enjoy running again.

This seminar was built entirely for personal trainers looking to expand their knowledge of human movement and includes an in-depth review of running-specific anatomy, the gait cycle, the biomechanics of running and walking, how to set-up and assess gait video in any training environment, and how to use tools, tips, and tricks to work with your clients on solving both simple and complex movement pattern issues. Whether you are working with elite athletes, weekend warriors, recreational runners, or clients that will only run if a bear is chasing them or a beer is ahead of them, this course is for you.

The expert

Dr Kimberly Davis is the founder and CEO of RunLab: a clinical gait lab, sports performance, and running-specific rehab facility located in Austin, Texas. She and her treatment team have treated thousands of runners of every shape, size, and ability level. From Olympians, Junior Olympians, National Championship qualifiers, and professional runners and triathletes to recreational athletes, couch-to-5K runners, Down syndrome athletes, and people looking to run their first straight mile. She and her RunLab team are passionate about educating personal trainers about human movement and gait, and strongly believe that trainers make up a vital component of a well-rounded healthcare team. In addition to leading her treatment team, Dr Davis is a 4X Ironman triathlete who has completed dozens of 12-72 hour adventure races and continues to land podium finishes and PRs as she debunks common myths like “running is bad for your knees”, “you’re hurting because you’re just getting older”, and other ridiculous notions.

Event details

When: Friday August 18 (12 – 6 p.m.), 19 (8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.) and 20 (9 a.m. – 3 p.m.)

Where: Hyatt Training Studio (our new location!), 2001 NW 19th Ave. Ste 102

Cost: $499 until July 31, $599 August 1 and after.

Register: Sign up via Eventbright

CEUs: RunLab’s CGS1 course is accredited for 19-20 hours of CEU through NASM, NSCA, ACSM, and ACE.

Get in touch:
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