We’re all reaching for something right now, aren’t we? There is a palpable tenor between waiting it out and being anxious to get back to normal. To move past “this” and emerge from the COVID tunnel that no one knows the length of. There is a mix of determination to make it through and fear of the unknown that is sitting with all of us right now.

On both micro and macro levels there is so much going on. The only way we can truly impact the macro level is to impact the micro level. And the micro level is, of course, ourselves.

How are we using this time to reach for better for ourselves and our health? What are we doing to emerge from this better on the other side?

As an organization, we’ve been spending these months analyzing, planning and implementing many elements to be better on the other side. To be a stronger organization for the members who rely on us for life-saving health improvements and community. To be more for our trainers who love what they do and, we think, deserve a career-track opportunity to devote their time solely to servicing their clients and being the best trainer possible.

These are the things that are in our control: How we care for our ourselves and how much we learn and reflect during this unprecedented Great Pause.

Only when the micro level (each of us) is dialed in, when we are laser focused on where we are going, can we even begin to think about the macro level. The larger community – country or global.

How can we help YOU reach for better on the micro level? A coach provides advanced goal setting, a professionally crafted plan forward and accountability to your commitment.

We have options at all price points. We take the guess work out of both exercise and nutrition plans so you can reach your goals. If YOU are dialed in with your coach here at the studio, do you know someone else who could benefit from our expertise? We’d love to help.

In health,
Lee and Jeremy

PS: Community Connection Workouts M/F 7:30 a.m. Join us! Details here

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