Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. Your race is subject to heat, cold, wind, waves. There is a built-in excuse when you describe your race to everyone who asks…And sometimes the weather is perfect. That doesn’t happen much. I mean perfect. No sun, no cold, no hot, no wind, no waves. But that’s just part of it. You also have to be able to take advantage of perfect conditions and the group of athletes I work with, both through Hyatt Training and through Portland Triathlon Club, did that at Lake Stevens! After a dress rehearsal at Blue Lake Olympic (also perfect conditions) the crew absolutely ripped up the tough 70.3 mile course in Northern Washington as more than 30 athletes crossed the line with great times and huge results. The Portland Triathlon Club won the club championship (again, backing up their Blue Lake title!) which was a testament to not only the number of racers we sent up but the quality of results we turned in. In terms of coaching, likely the most emotional day ever for me. It is always great to see people finish races. It is really really amazing to see everyone absolutely CRUSH it. I guess that’s the competitive part of me but I am not apologizing. I was absolutely pumped!