Adam Long

I want to show my patients how to reach their next level. I never want anyone to lose the ability to workout and push themselves. Modify as needed but still push.

Hyatt Training Portland physical therapist personal trainer Adam Long

Adam Long

Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer

Personality: Considerate, amiable, appreciative, conscientious

Certifications: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA), Titleist Performance Institute (TPI Level 1), Hawkgrips Level 1 IASTM; Personalized Blood Flow Restriction through Owen’s Recovery Science.

Education: Doctor of Physical Therapy from University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Master of Athletic Training from Saint Louis University, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Saint Louis University

Proudest athletic achievements:

About me

I have worked as a physical therapist for 5 years, mostly in an outpatient sports medicine and orthopedics setting. I have also held athletic training positions from high school to professional sports.

I enjoy teaming up with clients and patients to help optimize their movement abilities and achieve higher performance levels. In physical therapy, I see people functioning at all levels. No matter the baseline of the patient, I help them build independence and  improve themselves.

Injuries, movement imbalances or anything that affects our ability to complete our goals can be frustrating. It’s my job to assist, guide and encourage people through rehabilitation. Eventually, patients progress their movement capacity into the phases of performance. Recognizing this progress is very impactful, especially when the individual knows they achieved it. I’ve helped patients complete multiple long-term rehabs towards a college signing day as well seen patients achieve goals they once perceived unlikely, no matter the scale. I find it very fulfilling.

I want my clients to leave a session feeling confident that they could replicate components of that treatment or session. Over time, I hope they learn to recognize certain movement “thoughts” such as restrictions or asymmetries—and how to construct packages of exercises including mobility/flexibility, stability, and strengthening to improve positions and dynamic movements. Ultimately, I help them become more independent stewards of their movement.

I try to make every session feel productive and fresh. I like to challenge my patients but also instill a sense of fun when trying to achieve a goal. I’ll give my best effort to arrange a rehab and progress my patients at a level they require. I want to show my patients, no matter the age/function, how to optimize their individual qualities.


Endurance and strength training, fitness for golf and tennis, injury prevention, rehabilitation, sports-specific training and confidence building.


I am skilled at breaking down movements and recognizing discrete components that can be replicated through specific exercises. Exercises and appropriately programmed instruction can facilitate improved performance.

The body is an amazing complex of anatomy and physiology. We continue to advance our understanding of its processes and how to create programming to harness and optimize this system, but there is an art to developing rehabilitation or performance training programs for each person.

Outside the gym

I’m originally from St. Louis, Mo., but my wife Sneha and I recently moved out to Portland. We’re very excited to experience life in the northwest. We enjoy trying new restaurants/foods, going to the beach and swimming. When able, we’d love the chance to travel to new cities (hoping to visit her home in Mumbai, India). I enjoy riding my bike, reading, working out, playing golf, playing ice hockey, listening to music—I like to live it up when not at work!