Tessa Edwards

I believe everyone deserves to feel their best. When we feel like our best selves, we can shine in all areas of our lives.

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Tessa Edwards
Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Tessa Edwards

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Tessa Edwards

Tessa Edwards

Personal Trainer

Personality: Compassionate, determined, enthusiastic, playful

Certifications: ACE certified personal trainer, ACE weight loss management

Education: Bachelor of Science in kinesiology from Oregon State University

Proudest athletic achievements: Placing second in my first trail half marathon and recently backpacking South Sister

About me

Exercise helps me deal with the stressors that pop up in life and helps me feel like the very best version of my self. I became a personal trainer because I want to help my clients stay healthy for life and feel their best.

I love my job because it allows me to combine my natural talents with my passionate interests. I get to work directly with people, listen, educate, create and problem solve. Working with clients of various ages and from different walks of life has shown me firsthand how much personalization plays in long-term success.

I’m also a big advocate of preventative health care. At a doctor’s appointment, the doctor might write a prescription or suggest a surgery to help a patient feel better. As a personal trainer, I strive to create a personalized program that may help my client avoid ever having that serious doctor’s appointment.

One of my favorite personal training stories is about a client whose initial goal was to lose weight. This client was taking a prescription medicine for insomnia but was still unable to sleep, which was a major roadblock in her life. In the process of training, she discovered that exercising consistently and learning to be in touch with her body helped her sleep soundly for the first time in months.

My ideal client is ready to make a change and willing to trust in the process. They are honest with me because they know it will help me serve them best. If I’m lucky, they will even laugh at my “dad” jokes and dish them back!


I specialize in endurance and strength training, injury prevention, weight loss and high intensity interval training (HIIT.)


I don’t believe that long-lasting change happens overnight. When we focus on one step at a time, we gradually evolve to become the new best version of ourselves. It is this gradual yet consistent effort that produces the most rewarding change. Your workout doesn’t have to be the hour you dread the most. The right trainer will help you make your training enjoyable.

Outside the gym

I’m originally from Ashland, Ore., but I’ve lived all over the state except the southwest (what’s down there anyway?). I now reside on the outskirts of Northwest Portland where I cherish the calm views while being equally thrilled by how close I am to the city. When I’m not in the gym, you will find me trail running at Forest park, snowboarding, dancing, reading or planning my next adventure.